[ANN] [MN/PoS] [ICO] Midas.Investments — Investment platform

  • Website (Launching of the platform and new version of the website are planned on the 24 of September)         Whitepaper          Discord

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    Follow us on Twitter, Discord, Telegram: 1 MIDAS

    Youtube video bounty-pool:

    Video review should highlight the features of the platform and the coin


    Youtube video minimum lenght: 1,5-2 minutes
    Youtube account about crypto or investments with 3000+ real subscribers 
    Video reward:
    Good quality   30 MIDAS
    Medium quality   20 MIDAS
    Low quality   10 MIDAS


    French    10 MIDAS
    Turkish   10 MIDAS
    Italian   10 MIDAS
    Spanish   10 MIDAS
    Chinese   10 MIDAS
    Hindi   10 MIDAS
    Dutch   10 MIDAS
    Korean   10 MIDAS
    German   10 MIDAS
    Romanian   10 MIDAS
    Filipino   10 MIDAS
    Portuguese   10 MIDAS
    Greek   10 MIDAS
    Chinese   10 MIDAS


    Write about us an article-review on Medium, Reddit or Facebook

    It would be any informative review about our platform or coin which includes the link to the platform, Discord channel and our social networks


    Number of words - 150-450 words

    Account with 1000+ real subscribers

    Good quality   15 MIDAS
    Medium quality   10 MIDAS
    Low quality   5 MIDAS


    We also search for a team of people from different countries for the administration of Discord and Bitcointalk in different languages 

    For reserving translations please write in [ANN] on bitcointalk

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