Web, Android, iOS wallets. Multicurrency wallet. MN service, instant rewards. Fiat implementation

  • Web, Android and iOS on the same gateway, multicurrency wallet implementation, MN service with instant rewards, Fiat implementation, instant coin exchanges

    We offer a wallet deployment service for coins, with features for new and established coins alike. Save development time and bureau-"crazy". Become listed on a multicurrency wallet. Offer your users an easy to use platform for investing.

    Web, Android and iOS wallets work on the same gateway - Once registered, users can access the same wallet from all platforms and perform the same actions.

    Apart from the white label wallets, you can benefit from optional advantages:

    - Implementation of your coin into a multicurrency wallet
    - Shared masternode service built into the wallet, with instant rewards for investors. No VPN, no masternode setup required
    - Let your investors buy your coin directly with Fiat (available in Q4 2018)
    - Instant coin exchanges in the multicurrency wallet (available in 2019)

    More about the service can be found in the official presentation:

    Wallet AiO Presentation

    You can contact us at sales@megano.co, ask in our Trittium Discord Channel, or send me a PM. Feel free to post questions and feedback

  • administrators

    I can see a market for this. Good stuff. Can you tell us about pricing?

  • Yes, of course! The price for the whole package is 2 BTC. For that, you get the white label Web & Android wallet and the implementation into a multicurrency wallet right now.

    As soon as the Apple wallet got green light, you get the iOS wallet, too. That will be very soon, we officially got into the Apple Developer Program weeks ago. An example video is linked in the 3rd picture on the 5th slide.

    The next feature you get is the shared masternodes with instant rewards. We would need a Masternode to get it running. I can explain the shared masternodes with instant rewards further if you like.

    The other two features to come are also included in the 2 BTC: Fiat implementation, that is to let users buy your coins via bank transfer and credit card from within the wallet, and instant coin exchanges from within the multicurrency wallet.