Can you feel it? The tide is turning

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    Not sure about you, however to me it feels like the tide is turning!   Not the price; as I'm not saying everything it going the to Moon in the days, weeks, months to come. Feel the innovation though, see the big bets people, companies, and Governments are starting to usher in.  (I know there is still negative news out there, a lot of negative news).  But if you listen, like really really listen you can feel the world changing around you. Now don't come back with stupid comments about price movement or something something about how and why Bitcoin's price should be higher [or lower]. Because it's not like that; in earnest you [YOU] all are changing the world around all of us!!!!!!!

    Take a deep breath, and seek to see this "Change" for yourselves, and why now? what is different about now vs 3 months ago,  6 months,  1 year?  Why 2014 this isn't the same Crypto Winter as then?   While these parallelisms do exist (because our lizard brains are programmed this way to see repeatable patterns).  Seek to understand the micro-differences that exist!

    Report back here with your findings please!!!


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    YES!  I can absolutely relate to what you're describing - it is a feeling deep within my bones, an intuitive KNOWING how this turns out and crypto will change the monetary system....  And sooner than I had envisioned.  

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