GraphCoin: An Undiscovered Gem

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    Disclaimer: I am a team member of GraphCoin. I own GraphCoin, which means I have a financial interest in the price of GraphCoin. Though I wholeheartedly believe in the potential of this project, you should always do your own research and invest in any project with caution. 

    Hi everyone! I know that I write about a lot of projects in this forum, but today I want to talk about GraphCoin. GraphCoin is the coin of GraphCoin Labs ( and I joined GraphCoin a few weeks ago. Since joining GraphCoin, I have seen this team launch the Beam platform (, onboard several new projects, and gain significant traffic to the platform that will enable Beam to start selling adspace. We have made great strides and done something that few masternode coins ever actually accomplish: a viable product. 

    The GRPH Masternode

    I'll get down to it. You want to know the specifics. The financials. I've got em. 

    A GRPH masternode currently costs under $50 and has an appealing, but sustainable ~600% ROI. The supply is quite low and has been managed effectively by the team. 


    Earlier I mentioned Beam. Beam is an online platform created by GraphCoin Labs that connects projects and investors. 

    Projects can advertise jobs, be rated by the community, and enable the innovator module to allow users that hold masternodes to register their masternode information. This provides the necessary tools for masternode projects to engage with their community and get information on masternode ownership turnover. 

    Individuals can sign up on Beam and advertise their services (writing, social media management, moderator), rate and review projects, and participate in community activities. 

    It's clear that Beam is an excellent tool for both projects and individuals in the masternode space. In addition, listing for projects is FREE. Your project can sign up on Beam and have your community go rate you. This can let potential investors know what the project is about and why it has potential. 

    How Does Beam Make Money?

    Beam has a shop tab that enables special features for users and projects. However, most of the revenue on Beam will come from advertisements purchased by projects. We have created something so special with Beam that we think the mere amount of features available on the platform will draw necessary traffic to fund our expenses. This is beneficial for GRPH holders because ALL services that can be purchased on Beam, including advertisement space, can only be purchased using GraphCoin. This will create a constant buy pressure on GRPH. This will also make masternode holders happy, given that the masternodes will be constantly be producing coins that are actually redeemable for a tangible service. 


    Thank you for reading! If you have any questions about GraphCoin, feel free to drop them in a reply! We are happy to answer any questions you might have about GraphCoin, Beam, or our vision going forward. 

  • @itawyola hie. am new to masternode and want to start oe with uar coin. so can u guide me through with simple steps which explain how to start MN of graphcoin, wallet info and all that...

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    @wagondal Join graphcoin's discord, you will find friendly help there to set up your node

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