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    ECLIPSE is a decentralized affiliate marketing network. The ECLIPSE affiliate marketing CPA network is wholly performance based. This means that advertisers pay only when they see results and internet marketers are rewarded for each visitor or customer acquired through their own efforts. This method incentivizes and rewards publishers as well as advisers. 

    Eclipse  is built with investors in mind to let you earn money using the capitalization growth of assets, applied in the standard economy.
    Direct access to the statistics, which can’t be faked, thanks to the use of Blockchain which detects fraudulent activities.
    Did you read that?

    At first Stage, ECLIPSE is set up to provide a services for buying and selling advertising. That's why Eclipse is offering own crypto-advertising solution, technically similar to any blockchain project. Solving arising problems and delivering quality advertising.
    ECLIPSE stands as a straightforward management and one click options for passive income earned.


    • The developers of ECLIPSE are a team of professionals in the fields of finances and development. They believe cryptocurrency is the future and redeemer of your finances.

    • The developers are poised to simplify the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life, including a convenient wallet and conversion tools •

    • ECLIPSE provides opportunities to earn rewards through partner programs and other social platforms

    • ECLIPSE COIN will be accepted as Payment for services provided by third-party vendors

    • You can buy ECLIPSE coins NOW! and build masternodes for investment purposes.

    Coin Name: Eclipse
    Ticker: EPS
    Hash :Algo X11
    Block Time: 60 seconds
    Type: POS / MN
    MN Rewards: 85%
    POS Rewards: 15%
    Maturity: 15 blocks
    Supply: 37.000.000
    Collateral: 1000-2000-10000
    Premine: 30.000 EPS

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    HERE. Eclipse is trading on CRYPTO-BRIDGE. . 
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