• Our world is evolving and developing at a faster pace, technology is penetrating to the very fabric of our world with no sector left untouched. Mankind is experiencing a very significant paradigm shift in almost all area of life with the birth of the blockchain technology.

    One may ask, what is blockchain technology? Blockchain technology is a decentralized system of ledger where data are stored in ledgers and these stored data cannot be manipulated or controlled or monopolized by anybody as they are monitored by several users from several locations.
    Blockchain came with this great potential to revolutionize the economy of the world with the financial sector as it primary target and so far, Bitcoin the first cryptocurrency has really done a great job in revolutionizing the financial sector. So far, the blockchain has bring about a complete and holistic revolution in the financial sector with bitcoin as it's brainchild, this proving to the world that blockchain has the capacity to change our world for good.

    ECLIPSE is a decentralized affiliate marketing network. The ECLIPSE affiliate network is wholly performance based. This means that advertisers pay only when they see results and internet marketers are rewarded for each visitor or customer acquired through their own efforts. This method incentivizes and rewards publishers as well as advisers. 
    Eclipse  is built with investors in mind to let you earn money using the capitalization growth of assets, applied in the standard economy.
    Direct access to the statistics, which can’t be faked, thanks to the use of Blockchain which detects fraudulent activities

    ECLIPSE is set up to provide a services for buying and selling advertising. That's why Eclipse is offering own crypto-advertising solution, technically similar to any blockchain project. Solving arising problems and delivering quality advertising.
    ECLIPSE stands as a straightforward management and one click options for passive income earned.


    Ensuring transparency of transaction.
    Development of the industry by ensuring proper security and confidentiality.

    1. Ensuring Transparency for investors
    2. Transparency for Auditors:
    Since all transactions will be recorded in the blockchain, it is very easy to audit, view the transaction history and also to be aware of every minute transaction detail. This is currently not possible in the traditional system whereby companies hide their contract details and transaction history making auditing a cumbersome task and reducing the transparency of the system.

    3. Secured and Fraudless System :
    Using a secured and decentralized platform embedded with smart contract, all transactions will be recorded and monitored in the blockchain giving all parties involved in the supply chain adequate information so as to accurately track and document all inventory in the chain. Since transaction are managed in the blockchain,the payment process is transparent, standardized and optimised to reduce administrative cost and minimize disputes.
    Why must individuals Adopt ECLIPSE?
    ECLIPSE  is the key to the revolution of the crypto industry.  Early adopters stand the chance of having an edge over competitors as they will become client most preferable choice due to the transparency of the system made possible via the blockchain technology.

    Coin Name: Eclipse
    Ticker: EPS
    Hash :Algo X11
    Block Time: 60 seconds
    Type: POS / MN
    MN Rewards: 85%
    POS Rewards: 15%
    Maturity: 15 blocks
    Supply: 37.000.000
    Collateral: 1000-2000-10000
    Premine: 30.000 EPS

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    N/b: ECLIPSE is already trading in the market and listed in major exchanges.