Yolodice Ethereum Wagering Contest

  • It's time for another Wagering Competition! This competition requires you to wager as much as possible in ETH (wagered amount is the sum of your ETH bet amounts).

    The prize pool is dynamic with minimum of 15 ETH. On top of it 50% of ETH site profit (made during the competition) is added. Needless to say, we hope to see the pool grow to make the competition even more exciting!

    This event Ends at
    Oct 5th, 10:00:00 PM
    2:00:00 PM UTC (in 5 days)
    So better start rolling the dice now guys!
    Current prize pool is...

    16.71830030ETH and counting
    Prize pool is 15 ETH + 50% of the site profit earned during the competition.

    Click here for more details!!

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