CARDbuyers is an innovative application. Finally, you can safely use crypto to buy all of your favorite games and other things! Simply get the CARDbuyers Coin and use it to load up on Amazon Gift Cards, Steam Cards, Apple Cards, Paysafecards and even Google Play Cards. Shop online, give as gifts or trade for whatever you like!

    CARDbuyers is cutting edge technology. The dedicated CARDbuyers Team has applied their extensive experience across the full spectrum of IT fields and finance to implement an extremely efficient, eco-friendly network capable of supporting exponential growth!

    CARDbuyers is an awesome community. At the heart of it all, you’ll find a new breed of crypto professionals and enthusiasts representing a diverse array of countries and cultures.

    We are thousands of people just like you, devoted to supporting each other and having fun along the way. We are all united under the CARDbuyers banner to fulfill our mission of empowering you with the right to choose how you spend your crypto.

    We are developing a new and innovative way to purchase goods and services online. One of the common misconceptions is that a system is decentralized and anonymous. We will pull the veil back and show you what that really means. In general, your marketplace is centralized, but the ledger or record of transactions is not, and that is part and parcel to your anonymity. One can see what is being transferred, but will never know where it's going or where its from. Again, this is why we are building our community for educational purposes as well.

    We have chosen to accept a various number of gift cards as a payment method paired with BCARD. What does that mean? Simply put, you trade BCARD for these gift cards. It’s that simple. Not only can you perform this exchange but it will be for goods and services you actually want. Steam, Apple Pay, Google Play Store, as well as the others previously mentioned. And that is just the beginning.

    Think about it, you make an investment, you reap rewards (like dividends), you then are able to use those rewards to purchase whatever you want. You can increase your holdings for greater rewards or get out at any time. The beauty of it is that it will hold its value and be resistant to volatility. Your BCARD will be working for you always. Now, how does it work you ask?



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