Do you know about Bitcointalk as much as we do?

  • If you are interested in cryptocurrencies then you probably know about the Bitcointalk forum! But do you know as much about it as we do?

    Bitcointalk is the oldest and largest online forum dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The site appeared on the Internet in 2009, when the price of Bitcoin was only one tenth of a cent. 

    Bitcointalk was originally created by Satoshi Nakamoto – the "father" of bitcoin, a person whose true identity is unknown (maybe he is not a person, but a group of people).
    Satoshi's profile on Bitcointalk can be found today - the last time he went to his account was on the 13 of December 2010 (link to his profile;u=3). 

    One of Satoshi's last posts, before he eventually disappeared was a post about WikiLeaks in which Satoshi claimed that "WikiLeaks has rained a hornet's nest and now it is heading towards us."

    According to the forum, there are now about 2.4 million users registered on the site, who’ve written about 47 million messages. Since the creation of Bitcointalk the content on the site has received several billion page views. On average about 403 new users register on the forum every day, and the ratio of men to women is 4:1. was constructed with the use of software package an open source named SMF. It is curious that the design and functionality of the forum have not been changed since its first publication.

    By far the most popular topic on Bitcointalk is a branch of "Altcoin Ads", followed by section of "Bitcoin discussion" and "Altcoin debate". By the way, the branch of "Altcoin Ads" has become especially popular since 2017 due to the constantly growing number of ICOs and token sales, which are held every week. 

    Our PayDay Coin project also has a branch on the forum  and we will be happy to see all our investors in our section on Bitcointalk and invite you to express your opinion and ask questions.

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