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    The world of eSports is a global phenomenon that expands its influence by leaps and bounds. This is not surprising - after all, according to the statistics of the international marketing agency Newzoo service, announced in the Forbes magazine, in 2018 the income from the sphere of eSports will reach $ 905 million, which is 38% more than in 2017. Certainly, we have heard about teenagers who earn millions of dollars in tournaments playing video games. Only for the last 3 years, the size of awards in international competitions has grown 3 times - from 35 million to 121 million dollars.

    We wondered why only professionals can earn money by doing what they like, while many people like to play online games and watch the tournaments. Moreover, the number of people who are interested in eSports is constantly growing exponentially. According to the site Statista, only in 2018, the tournaments were viewed by 380 million Internet users. For sure, views would not exist without the players themselves. However, there are some class restrictions, as it is extremely difficult to get into a paid professional league for ordinary fans of popular online games.

    Unfortunately, the amateur market is too weak; it is very not easy to make money there, so people who dream of joining to professional leagues should sacrifice time and money to start making profits. There are also many players who do not want to join the professional league but would like to monetize their time. In this way, the idea of solving the problem of the area of amateur games appeared - the Dominant Chain project.

    The central goal of the project is to enable all players to grow to the level of cyber sportsmen and expand the scope of amateur tournaments by putting them on par with eSports tournaments. This goal will be achieved with two basic elements - a tournament platform based on blockchain technology and platform cryptocurrency.

    Dominant Chain platform

    The Dominant Chain platform, which is already under development, will enable all registered users to create their own tournaments in virtual mode or join existing ones.
    The following disciplines will be available in the initial version of the application:

    • Dota 2;
    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO);
    • League of Legends (LoL).

    These games were chosen by us after a thorough market research that proved the highest and stable growth of new users in these entertainments. Moreover, according to the data from Statista, they are leaders in the total amount of the prize pool and attract many players.

    To participate in the tournament, the player must register on the platform and provide data from the playground (Steam or Riot Games), or join an existing tournament created by another user or to a tournament created automatically by the Dominant Chain platform. To participate in the competition, each player must make a contribution in the Dominant cryptocurrency. In this way, the prize fund of the match the teams compete for will be formed. In addition, users will be given the opportunity to create personal broadcasts of their games, by integrating the application with the streaming platform twitch.tv.

    Cryptocurrency Dominant Coin and monetization of playing time

    To create tournament games with awards, you need a certain coin, which will play the role of the currency of the platform. Therefore, our team decided to create its own cryptocurrency called Dominant Coin. With its help, players will be able to take part in tournaments and receive rewards, while investors will buy promising and widely used coin for trading on the world's top exchanges. Thanks to the use of cryptocurrency, we will be able to eliminate the main problems that prevent the market of amateur tournaments from gaining momentum in its development. Based on the results of the discussions, we determined 5 such items:

    • Existing services do not allow all players to monetize their time spent in games;
    • Platforms involve a small number of advertisers, although according to research conducted by Statista, global brands from 2015-2020 can invest about half a billion dollars in advertising and sponsoring events related to eSports;
    • Usually, tournaments are held in manual mode that does not allow to cover the entire game market;
    • The development of the players skills is not financed by existing projects;
    • The main audience of users under the age of 18 spend most of their free time playing games, but they do not receive any profit.

    According to the statistics of 2015, the market of micro-tournaments and amateur tournaments amounted to 27.7 million dollars. We have analyzed this niche and consider it very attractive for further development as addressing the identified problems will lead to the restructuring of the market and increased investment by 2020. In addition, the implementation of our coin will enable young people to get their first profit from their hobby and gain financial motivation to develop their own skills. Accordingly, the gained popularity of this project will not make long wait for funding from advertisers.

    According to the website Statista, revenue from the global eSports market will reach 1.65 billion US dollars by 2020. By advertising on the platform of Dominant Chain, players aged 20 years will be able to make a significant profit, which will enable them to turn their hobby into a major activity. 

    According to calculations, about 80 percent of the previously mentioned proceeds come from sponsorship and advertising. In terms of income, Asia and North America are the two largest markets for eSports, so developing our product, we focused on marketing analysis of these regions.

    Dominant Chain is an innovative blockchain-based platform for all eSports fans. We do not change this world - we  improve it!
    Keep up with our updates, there are a lot of exciting things ahead. Cool

    PS. Now the Dominant Chain team is at the stage of pre-announcement and development of the platform, so if you have any ideas about how you can help or improve our project, write to us: contact@dominantchain.com.

    You are welcome to ask all questions in the comments on this topic.

    We also recruit people into the supporters and advisors. If you have experience and wish to help us, please also write to contact@dominantchain.com.