[ANN] MYCE (YCE) A blockchain colony, a descentralized exchange

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    We believe a blockchain community can act as such only if we align economic interests. Crypto economic systems are fundamentally new ways of incentivizing rational human behavior. The question would be... Are we rational?

    Welcome to MYCE we represent a unique take on what an intelligent profit oriented organization could look like.

    MYCE deploys technologies to service, repair, or support other blockchains projects as they scale.

    At its core, MYCE is designed to be a decentralized governance system. With well-defined CITIZENS. The MYCE system has a simple way for being a citizen: any investor who enables a Masternode is eligible to become a citizen. MYCE is driven to maximize profits for our citizens by spreading profits received for continually improving operations for our partners.

    When investing in MYCE, coin holders are buying into a team that delivers blockchain solutions to groups within the blockchain universe. That universe includes every single blockchain project who is involved with this technology

    Ideas explode when interesting people work together, it would be a pleasure to have you guys of between blocks on board.

    Official links

    Join us on


    Trade us on https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.YCE_BRIDGE.BTC

    Ticker: YCE
    Algo: Scrypt
    Block time: 1 Min
    Staking age: 6 hours
    Masternode Collateral : 100K
    Reward Share : 80% - Staking Node: 20%
    Other specs: Governance through masternode voting with instand and private transactions.

  • administrators

    Nice, congrats on the cryptobridge listing. It's a good exchange and has a lot of potential. It has been growing well and I think it will keep growing to become one of the main DEX soon. Good to be listed there while the listing prices are still reasonable

  • @kelnel Thanks! It was key for us since as a descentralized exchange we need it to provide our initial volume on our own exchange. Things are looking extremely good for us.

    For the rest, this is ANN and AMA so if you have questions i'm here to answer them. 

  • Excited to have my MYCE masternode already up and running. Exciting things in the future for it.

  • https://cryptohub.online/market/YCE/ has started a shared masternode service ( https://cryptohub.online/masternodes/) We got elected first!

    Also we are currently being voted to be part of BLOCKFOLIO app, we would really appreciate your vote over there: https://feedback.blockfolio.com/coin-requests/p/myce

    Step by step getting ready for our exchange deployment 😃

  • @bitcoinsfacil Just read your WP and I’m not sure to get it, You want to host all the myce MN on your exchange or it will still be ok to have it on vps outside ? Any infos about the team because I can’t see that anywhere... any date for the macwallet release ?

  • @gigidinizza Thanks for raising your hand!

    You can have your myce masternode wherever you want, but we will intend to host the VPS setup on our side so you can just focus on your local wallet. Info on the team won't be disclosed until we incorporate us, i can answer your doubts on team with no problem, we haven't sell not even 1 masternode on presale so we don't have funds from our investors. 

    We are testing mac wallet today, if everything ok we should have it ready when you read this message 😃

    A little note about the masternode shared hosting. We are implementing shared hosting for every masternode coin we integrate. It will always function like that, if it's available for MYCE then it's available for our colony of coins

  • We have just updated our whitepaper to show our views > https://www.myce.world

    We are now proud partners of CryptoBridge decentralized exchange. CryptoBridge is joining Cazcoin, Digiwage and Aerium into our network. 

    Together we are actively working on solving what we consider a key issue on crypto this days > customer support

    There's more to come on this as we evolve with our partners requirements.

  • administrators

    Nice, you are moving fast! good stuff 

  • Thanks @kelnel quite fast really but makes sense since we worked on this solutions first and later we presented them.

    We have an ongoing team now talking with every masternode coin and everything is aliging into being able for this solution to be adopted mainstream.

    Today this are our confirmed partners with whom we are either working with or supporting with a solution > + Cryptobridge + Zcoin + Cazcoin + Digiwage + Gobyte + Reden + Insane + Cropcoin + Criptoreal + Ignition + Crave + node-vps + crowetic

  • We have added MYCE as a Shared Masternode.

    Fully transparent
    2% reward fee
    No Seats, based on percentage of ownership
    Minimum deposit of 0.001 Coins
    Instant payouts
    Reinvestment of earnings
    Withdraw anytime
    No setup fee

    Please check it out: https://www.mintnodes.com/clusternodes