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  • Official currency issue: 15/09/2018  - Start of the reward payment on 09/20/09
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    Instant Payments and Decentralized

    RDCToken is an open source currency focused on private transactions, fast, low transaction rates and minimal environmental impact.
    It is a fork of the latest version of PIVX.

    RDCToken.io uses a custom PoS protocol to protect its network and uses an innovative reward mechanism that pays only to masternodes.

    The main objective of RDCToken.io is to achieve a sustainable, decentralized encrypted currency with almost instant private transactions, income generation system and intelligent interconnected systems.

    Anonimized transactions!
    Fast transactions with zero guaranteed transaction transactions.
    Decentralized blockchain voting using Masternode technology.

    Our differential.

    The great difference of our project besides being an encrypted, decentralized currency with instant transactions and possibility of anonymity is the services that are being developed linked to money, which will generate direct profit to the holders of the currency.
    50% of the FEE net of all the projects linked to the currency will be destined to the holders of the same and this is a unique differential, since some services already find themselves online, like the 4stake, altpools and pools of the king of the coin.

    More information on [RDCToken.io] ( https://www.rdctoken.io ) 

    Currency Specifications

    Block Space:   1 minutos
    Reward: 1.5 RDCT
    Max Supply: 25.5m
    Premine: 3.75m RDCToken.io

    We do not use ICO system.

    Our pre-mine coin sales system is known as NO-ICO, as we sell in phases as we present results.
    The first phase of sales occurred in April and 10% of the currencies were sold, to structure our entire project and seek improvements in our structure.
    The second phase of sales began in August and will count with 15% of the coins, and the amount will be used to be listed in EXCHANGE and acquire some masternodes to generate liquidity to our services and gains to the holders of the coins.

    Services developed by the teamRDCToken.io
    Mining Pools:
    Shared masternode system

    Exchange Confirmed.

    Sorry for any typos, English is not our main language.
    The team's native language is Portuguese.

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