Frauds and Scams: A section dedicated to warning the community of potential scams

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    This is not a category that I am happy to start, but it is a necessary one. With the recurrent frauds, exit scams, fake support scams and all other type of shady things happening in the crypto space, we think it is necessary to have a dedicated place where anyone can warn the community of potential scams. This category is meant to regroup these allegations and get people people together so they can discuss these allegations and the way forward.

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    And as always, play be safe out there 🙂


  • Very good 👍 excellent initiative 👌 if we care about masternodes industry that can give us a lot of satisfaction both from the technical point of view for those who love to "play" with bash scripts and command lines or Linux terminal... and from the economic point of view for those who love the rewards (who does not love rewards?) then we must clearly say from that part we are, without ifs and buts, fraudulent projects and scams must be found, isolated, marginalized, baffled, never endorsed, unfortunately our industry is particularly at risk and if we do not want the industry to end the infamous "lending platform" with which technically the industry has nothing in common but unfortunately the hype of the ROI attracts the stupids and the tricksters as flies ... then we have to engage all and push only the projects for which we are honestly and inwardly convinced and aware that they are valid and that they are not born just to make the teams comfortable ... we protect this sector that we like so much looking at the seriousness and honesty of the many who work properly before looking at the ROI and before thinking that everything is just a question of timing and exit strategy ... we make serious people, please! 😎☺

  • @kelnel That is great idea. I have been a victim of such SCAM coin. If we can get the space for that discussion it would be great. I am not giving up on Masternodes yet. 

  • this is what we need. Hopefully it will keep the scammers from returning and robbing supporters of crypto.

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