PayDayCoin Announcement Thread (All about PayDay!)

  • Apologizes for the network connectivity issues. We hope to get it soon. to follow on Twitter

  • Ответ: [ANN POS MASTERNODE PayDay-Unique global loan mechanism based on blockchain - now listed on!](/topic/154/ann-pos-masternode-payday-unique-global-loan-mechanism-based-on-blockchain-now-listed-on-masternodes-online)

    ✅ Technical issues with transactions - Resolved!
    ✅ Now all exchange activities and transactions should be operating normally again. 
    ✅Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

  • 👋Dear all, we would like to update you that Marina Morozova is no longer working for PayDayCoin. We wish Marina success in her next chapter! Acting CEO to be announced shortly.

    ⛔️ We have decided to abandon our integration with, new KYC partner will be announced soon.
    👍 Techs has finally hotfixed and workarounded blockchain stuck issue. We're testing it in beta and going to release it soon. After release and adoption we can go back to strategy.

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  • 🔥🤘 Alright people welcome to the show!

    Are you ready to rock are you ready to go?

    Yeah we've got what you want and we've got what you need!
    We have released long-waiting fix for the stale sync!

    Sources :
    Bins :
    If daemon don't see new blocks for a couple minutes, it will restart itself.

    Note to all of you, who use monitoring scripts, such as flock in linux : this may broke your auto-restart. You might want to add "sleep 120s" prior daemon self-start.

    C'mon drink your beer and drink your wine!
    Let's have a good time!

  • 🔥Here we go with long-waiting release - FasterHarderSTAKER!

    ☝️ Much faster build on multiprocessor systems through build_all
    ✌️ Added fair staking algorithm. From now and further, stake's mining part (70 coins) will be distributed by following rules : 
        1. 60% going to those, who been chosen for stake reward (old way).
        2. 40% will be distributed across senders from previous block.  Which means, if you transact oftenly (send PDXes) you will be involved in 40% distribution more oftenly.
    Link for srcs:
    Link for bins:

    Staking all the way up!

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