[ANN][LAUNCH][POW][MN] Easynodecoin (ENCO) - Masternode & Mining Solutions

  • Offering all-in-one Masternode & Mining Solutions

    EasyNodeCoin (ENCO) offers easy, affordable and all-in-one solutions for masternode & mining equipment owners in order to deploy, run, manage and monitor their valuable investments. 
    Our technology is top notch and our experienced team is continuously developing and improving it even more!

    Technical knowledge is no longer required to run a masternode or mining farm, our platform makes masternodes and mining more accessible & easy for everyone.
    Masternode Hosting, Shared Masternode Hosting & Mining Control Services will be the 3 services we will offer.

    Our end goal is to offer an API accessible to everyone in order to host, use or provide their own masternode hosting and mining rig control services at almost cost price. We just charge a small rental fee in ENCO for using our API. We already have a working alpha platform offering hosting solutions for 14 popular masternode coins as a showcase for the technology we’re developing. We see the future big and bright and don't plan to stop here, offering our accessible solutions while the user is in full control at almost cost price will make us become market leader in this space.

    Currently our Masternode hosting platform is operational, supporting +17 coins and offering users the easiest and cheapest way to offer their masternodes. Charging just $0.25 cent a day and offering unique features like a reward system and mobile monitoring / alert service.


    Masternode Hosting

    Shared Masternode Hosting

    Mining Solutions

    End Goal

    Technical Details

    Why choose for ENCO ?

    Beside the fact that ENCO will offer you an all in one solution for your masternodes & mining equipment there are many other reasons to chose for ENCO.

    - ENCO  is currently the cheapest masternode solution in the market !
    - ENCO  has state of the art technology !
    - ENCO  offers you a bonus system, for every dollar you spent you get almost 10% back !
    - ENCO  will support more coins then any other platform, we launced with 17 coins and are adding them on a weekly base !
    - ENCO  offers you unique features which others don't have like monitoring, bonuses, alerts, etc.

    How to acquire ENCO ?

    For now you can :

    - Mine ENCO
    - Use our Discord join & invite bounty
    - Trade on CryptoBridge 

    Bounty Program

    We have a Discord join & invite bounty currently active!!
    More bounties are planned in the future.

    Usefull Links

    Some links which we think that might be helpfull:


    Pools :


  • @easynodecoin Platform look great.  Alot of potential with the current marketcap.  Also automation shared masternodes coming out soon.  Definitely will keep watch.  

  • i've joined this project quite some time ago and i have to say the project really is promising.

    they have a working product already which is cheaper then the competiton and developing a lot of extra features in their platform. The overall plan also really seems there's a constructive build up towards their end goal.

    looking forward to see this project grow to unthinkable heights!!

    i wish the team good luck & all the best

  • ENCO wants to properly inform the community about all our efforts and development! 📢

    ⏰ The time has come to share our first community report! 📑

    We strongly believe that our community plays a key factor 🔑 in the growth and success of our project 📈
    ☀ To give our community a clear view of what's happening in front & behind the scenes we will publish a report with a detailed description of all our updates, listings, development etc. which we will release periodically.

    Download Report

    Join us to stay up-to-date:


  • ❤️ Bounty Contest has started! ❤️ 

    🍀💰BitcoinTalk Thread Bounty💰🍀

    You can check the details on : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5056061.0

    Check out the Discord Invite Bounty Contest as well!!

  • We have interesting news 📰 in which we will share our plans for the upcoming future! ⭐ 

    We’ve been working hard 💪 and want to give you an update about our progress 📈
    At this moment our team is finalizing the new roadmap 🛤 and will be released by the end of this week💯 

     🏗 The roadmap is an overview of all of the objectives we have been working on and shows our vision of future development & which direction 🚦ENCO will be going.  All our recent and upcoming updates will be published and announced in the #announcements channel of our Discord server

    Stay tuned for the exciting news & release of the roadmap!

  • We are happy to say that we can now announce our new fully updated roadmap❗💯

    We have succesfully concluded our roadmap and will continue to focus on the progressing of our project.
    ⭐Our new goal set will be an 🔐 important factor in contributing to a bright future and the development of Easynodecoin📈 

    🍀 We want to thank our community and hope you share our vision towards the future ❤

    🚇The new roadmap can be downloaded here:

  • We are very happy & excited to share our brand new service feature Shared Masternode Hosting

    The service is now ready for use & live on our platform: https://platform.easynodecoin.i...

    We are starting of with not only ENCO shared masternodes but we have 5 additional coins added to our service ☘

    👆 Coins now available 👆
    1. EasynodeCoin  
    2. Gentarium  
    3. GinCoin  
    4. Deviant
    5. PACcoin
    6. LogisCoin

    You can find all relevant information in the shared node overview page:

    👛 Your coins & owner %
    💺 Overview # of seats in MN
    📃 (Lifetime) Payouts summary
    💰 Overview of received Rewards
    📈 Overview of your ROI
    📅 Overview of creation-, payouts- & seat dates
    ⏰ 12-hourly automatic payout incl. timer
    📊 Chart overview Free vs Occupied space
    💺 Total number of seats including %

    💯 Grab a seat at one of the shared masternodes offered in the platform! Once the Masternode is filled it will launch automatically and start earning rewards 💡💰

    Join us; 

  • 💥 🎆 💰  Are you ready for some action!!?? 💰 🎆 💥 

    We are doing another 🔥 Twitter Bounty Contest and giving away free ENCO 💰 

    **Eligibility:** You can enter this bounty if your account has 25+ followers

    📝 How to get your 30 ENCO 

    Participate in our Twitter Bounty Contest by completing these easy tasks before the end of November: 

    ▶ Join our Discord: http://bit.ly/ENCDISCORD

    🔀 Follow EasynodeCoin on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EasynodeCo...

    🔄 Retweet our SharedMasterNode tweet : https://twitter.com/EasynodeCo...

    ☝ Fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/KdSMGkUyq...

  • @cryptogeezer could You give some examples for the extra features on their platform? Thank's a lot!

  • 📢 🚀Congratulations to everyone on board 🚤‼

    🔫 Since the start of our Shared MN Feature the number of participants are growing rapidly❗ 

    We do not have 1, 2, 3 but 124 shared masternodes seats on the ENCO platform & the numbers are still growing!!

    We want to thank our community for all the believe & support in ENCO ☘

  • 📢 Our 1st Discord Invite Bounty has ended❗❗

    ⭐Thanks to everyone for putting in the effort of inviting new people to our Discord server 💬

    ⭐The bonus reward for the TOP 3 inviters:⭐ 

    🥇 Aryel77#6037  |  300 ENCO
    🥈 Zohier#5793  |  150 ENCO
    🥉 Ayronika#2667  |  75 ENCO

    ❗❗ More news of our bounties coming up soon ❗❗

    Join us; 

  • 📢 The 1st part of our Discord Invite Bounty has ended today‼

    📰 But the good news is we will extend the bounty with another 30 days 🗞

    Let's expand our Discord community even more and get more people known with Easynodecoin❣

    🤑 We increased the rewards this time💰

    Use your own invite link so we are able to keep track of the numbers of invitations ☝

     📨 ENCO Invite Bounty 📨


    1. End date: Dec 17th
    2. The minimum # of invites to get the reward is 5 
    3. Min. 5 invites & 1 ENCO Per Invite

    ⭐ Bonus Reward for the TOP 3 inviters: ⭐️ 

    1️⃣ = 500 ENCO 🥇  
    2️⃣ = 250 ENCO🥈 
    3️⃣ = 100 ENCO🥉

    📝 Check the leaderbord in the #invite-bounty channel of our Discord server!!🍀

  • 🎊 🤝 Rupee is now available on ENCO platform🤝🎊

    🌏Cryptocurrency for South Asia🌐

    📈 📉Rupee’s mission is to be the go-to Cryptocurrency for the people of South Asia. 📉 📈

    RUPEE users will be able to set up their 💻🖥(shared)🖥💻masternodes on the platform from now on!
    All that's needed is an account on the platform, (part of ) the MN collateral 💰  and a mouse 🖱 to host your masternode or join a shared masternode in a few clicks.

    Name: Rupee
    Ticker: RUP
    Algo: POS
    MN Reward: 65%
    MN Collateral: 20000 RUP

    More information: https://rupeeblockchain.org/
    Whitepaper: https://rupeeblockchain.org/pd...

  • 🎉 👉 Midas is added to ENCO platform 🎉 👈

    👛 The most convenient investment platform 📡 

    📈 📉Midas.Investments is a user-friendly secure investment platform with various investment instruments, such as masternodes, proof of stake, trading bots and many more. 📉 📈 

    Everyone using Midas can now set up their (shared) masternodes on the ENCO platform!
    All that's needed is an account on the platform 🖥  , (part of ) the MN collateral 💰 and a mouse 🖱 to host your masternode or join a shared masternode in a few clicks. 

    Name: Midas
    Ticker: Midas
    Algo: X11
    MN Reward: 80%
    MN Collateral: 1000 MIDAS

    More information: https://midas.investments/
    Whitepaper: https://midas.investments/asse...

  • 🔎To show what seperates ENCO from the competition we've made a comparison chart 👓

    🌟 ENCO aims to offer a complete service and be unique in the features that we offer on the ENCO platform. 

    In order to show how we truly set us apart from the rest we have stated our future plans with awesome features to come as well ❣

    🔬Our chart shows why you should choose ENCO as your all-in-one solution💡

  • 📢 Last chance to grab your Bitcointalk Bounty today!📆 

    The bounty will be ending at 12:00 pm UTC +1 🔚

    🥇  Results will be disclosed in the Discord #bitcointalk-thread-bounty channel 🥈

    Join us on: Discord

  • 📝Bitcointalk Thread Bounty has ended❗❗

    🍀 We want to thank our community once more for writing their honest opinion about the project ❗

    ☝️ People who participated in the bounty but forgot to fill out the form please do quickly:
    🔗 https://goo.gl/forms/jthJMF8SN... 

    💰Rewards will be sent today, participants will receive a dm from @Amands#2543 on Discord 📣

  • 📢 We want to share our new article with you on our @easynodecoin medium account. 📢

    🚀 📈 The project has been growing at a rapid pace since our launch and within less than 1 month of becoming available on the exchange the platform was already supporting 20 different masternode projects. The project will continue to expand this roster and its goal is to support the vast majority, if not all, of the available masternode cryptocurrencies.

    📰📖Read all about the ENCO shared masternodes features & user interface in the new 'Shared Masternodes v1.0: Features and User Interface' article on our @easynodecoin Medium account ❗👓

    Medium Article

    Join us; 

  • 📣⛓ The block explorer is a valuable part of our project! We are proud of the fact we have 🚀launched our 2nd block explorer and is now live.📡

    🛠We completely rebuild both explorers to a new server with higher performance / capacity so in the end both explorers will run more stable 💪

    The explorer is intended to be easy to use and providing all the necessary information you would expect 💯 📊

    New explorer:  
    🔗 http://explorer.easynodecoin.i...
    Original explorer:

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