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    We are giving you the chance to win some free CCBC!

    How can you win?

    Step 1/
    Join us on Discord.

    Step 2/
    Follow us on Twitter and retweet our pinned post
    Follow our editor swcrypto on Steemit and resteem his post about CryptoCashBack
    Join our Telegram channel and send us a message on there

    (you get 1 entry for every action from Step 2… if you do all 3 of them, you will get 3 entries for the draw!)

    Step 3/
    Go to our ‘new-years-giveaway’ channel in Discord and post us the usernames that apply to the actions that you have taken!

    Twitter: johncrypto
    Steem: johncrypto1
    Telegram: john_crypto

    We will check every one of your actions, so please be honest. If we find you cheating, you will lose all your entries! (even for the actions you did correctly)

    The draw will be made on January 1st at 4pm EST (10pm CET) in a live Youtube video.

    Maximum 3 entries per person (1 for every action in Step 2)
    A single person can only win 1 prize! If your name gets drawn a 2nd time, you will be entitled to receive the prize with the highest value that was drawn for you.

    Prizes will be distributed through Pandabot on our Discord channel.

    1x 10,000 CCBC
    1x 5,000 CCBC
    3x 1,000 CCBC

     Congatulation to the winners.

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