New Maternode and Mining discussion

  • first time to post here. It would be great to get some regular discussions going here. I work for Distibuted Ledger Inc. We currently are running a varied array of about 25 Masternodes including Blocknet, Bitcoin Green, Zcoin, Wagerr, and many more. Our latest node to turn up was Vitae which has been VERY good to us.

    In addition we are running a couple of large mining pools with Cryptonight and other Monero varients as our targets. We have most of our resources mining Haven and LOKI at the moment. Take a look at the links.



    W Bruton

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    @wabruton Hi and welcome! Good to have you around these parts.

    I see you've made interesting choices! I've been wanting to accumulate LOKI recently but it seems Im not the only one! The price shot up so much that it's been complicated these days to accumulate enough. You are doing well mining it. Might have to join your pool 🙂

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