[ANN] [1X2 coin★ X11/pos ★ Masternodes] Crypto sportsbooks payment site

  • The purpose of 1X2 Coin is to become one of crypto currencies accepted in crypto sportsbooks as payment option (deposit/withdraw), and that’s just 1st phase. We will affiliate all good sportsbooks in market and future plan is to develop our own crypto enabled sportsbook site which will enter strong in this multibillion market.

    We will start as advanced Masternode coin with progressive reward scheme and very attractive ROI for our investors.

    📣Sport betting 

    Sports betting makes 30 to 40 percent of global gambling market.
    Size of one part of global gambling (online) is estimated as 37.9bn USD in 2017(1),
    and its constantly rising.


    The main goal of 1X2 Coin is to serve as the cryptocurrency that is used by our partners
    worldwide sportsbooks which accepts cryptocurrency, for transfer of funds and payments within our platform.


    We will affiliate all good sports books sites in market and future plan is to develop our own crypto enabled sports book site which will enter strong in this multi billion market.


    • Constant growth and the innovation of our systems is a crucial objective for our strategy. Therefore, 1X2 is a self-funded system that has its own dedicated masternodes, used as budget to maintains and improve the project.
    • Based on this model we have developed financial structure that would generate income for 1X2 Coin owners while utilizing 1X2 Coin itself for security of the blockchain. In masternodes networks users of the platform and owner of 1X2 Coin are compensated by the network trough allocation of rewards based upon 1X2 Coin owner contributions to the network as confirmation nodes and masternodes.
    • 1X2 Coin is distributed within a hybrid network for securing the blockchain by confirming transactions while ensuring the privacy of transactions and facilitating instant transaction with users of our platform. 1X2 Coin is not limited to securing the network, it can be used as instrument for payments.
    • The main goal of 1X2 Coin is to serve as the cryptocurrency that is used by our partners, worldwide sportsbooks which accepts cryptocurrency, for transfer of funds and payments within our platform.


    • In traditional blockchain technologies, such as Bitcoin, preliminary proof-of-work concept was an energy-intensive blockchain technology based on the hashing protocol where miners are used to verify transaction on the network. This concept used substantial amount of energy, computation power and time needed to mine the coin. In this concept there is clear distinction between stakeholders and miners. Stakeholders are individuals who use network to facilitate a transaction. For example, if someone sends to someone one Bitcoin on the network, the block transaction is then verified by third party miners. Miners produce a mathematical computation based on the difficulty set by the network's parameter. The first miner to solve mathematical equation is rewarded and this is announced on the network before the block is created to be solved.
    • Proof-of-stake algorithm is based on storage of all the operations in the 1X2 Coin wallet with the distributed database.  This system is based on the principles of decentralized management in the absence of single controlling authority. Synchronization of 1X2 Coin nodes which is running on proof-of-stake is done through the peer-to-peer network, P2P. Proof-of-stake is more efficient and environmental friendlier than proof-of-work, which utilizes lots of energy by using specific integrated circuit (ASIC) machines. This method can be use without expensive mining equipment on a normal entry level computer.  1X2 Coin user-friendly proof-of-stake removes the need for miners altogether. With proof-of-stake users earn rewards on the coins held in their wallet by following few simple steps:

      1.Download the 1X2 Coin wallet from website
      2.Purchase 1X2 Coin from an affiliate exchange
      3.Place coins in digital wallet
      4.Coin earn rewards through being staked as collateral to verify transactions on the blockchain


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  • @1x2coin  
    i think it is late to buy the coin because the price of the coin 120000 sats but deffinately i will buy some coins and i will do stake 
    i have found my future in this coin 

  • @1x2coin

    judging by the current activities and updates, we can say that the work is done normally, and the project develops further.
    this idea is going to penetrate into big financial sector and bring service to people in an easy way using blockchain technology,
    it will bring more people in contact with cryptocurrency.

  • Very early on I recognised the Ambition and Potential of 1x2.... Most importantly to me however.... Was how Driven the 1x2 Core Team truly are!
    it seems the team Thinking thoroughly with the steps on how to make the Project constant development.
    They have followed the Plans from the White Paper and are pushing forth even further!

  • The 1X2 coin got listed in Coinexchange.io i congrats the team who is working for the progress of the coin and to make the 1X2 coin sucess by giving good result 
    i once again thanks to the dev who is giving excellent progress 

  • nice to see this exchange. i hope in the feature it will be in the top position  

  • I may have missed the main presale , but the 1x2 has already released on exchange? and What it team's vision of the project in future?

  • Good concept and interesting details for investors, I am sure of the many investors who can understand everything that has been explained above. interesting side is coin will be used for sports betting that would be great for gamblers.

  • I think it is time for 1x2 coin to get to a larger exchange. this question is answered almost every day and on each Q&A because everyone want this coin on exchanges
    That's just fine as it is. With 1x2 coin and Cryptopia you have 3 great exchanges, that are constantly growing. And it seems 1x2 coin gets more and more quantity on.

  • I've been using 1x2 for some weeks now and have to say I'm very impressed.
    The clean interface, the speed of the website, the simplicity and logical GUI are all great.
    The Devs, staff and other community members on discord are friendly and responsive.
    The team seems to be technically gifted and have a very solid and realistic roadmap and release schedule.
    The way you can exchange any coin pair you want, superb.
    Super impressed guys, keep up the good work!

  • The very first thing I noticed is a tiny amount of pre-mine which is a great sign of any legit project. Next the masternode reward distribution for investors profitability,smart project support, and low coin supply could be the key to success for this project. Looking forward to investing in the project.

  • I joined this project early because it started without any issues and I like the reward system. I have a feeling this project will become successful. Glad that I joined this project early.  

  • It's interesting, but how wide is the audience coverage of the project? Can you find out about the activity of the community?

    In which social networks is the project community represented? like Twitter orTelegram?

  • One of the good project i have seen in cryptocurrency and it is very surprising to see hard work of this project already got popularity as well. Thanks for bringing such a wonderful betting coin for sports, i wish everyone will accept this coin for betting.

  • i think investment in 1x2 will bring good profit compare to other mn coin.this is the first gambling coin i start invest .community activity attracts the more investor .the gambling business is promising and it's no wonder there are many new crypto projects about gambling.All the best to everyone who took part in the development of the project. Good luck to your business.

  • The 1X2 community is growing well and that is a great signal, also the moderators and developers are doing a great job that interacting with the community. i like the goal of this project it's just different and unique concept in crypto and this project is definitely taking investors in good way.

  • i am very much interested in this 1x2 coin because the purpose of this coin is too good. 1X2 Coin will reach its target in the future,i hope this project will gain lot of investors within few days and with this project i can earn good profit.

  • A great project with a promising future, they will explore a very attractive sports betting market, they will have an organic demand for the currency, it is not a bet because it is a market that is already established and in constant growth that provides opportunities for new business , simply a great project with good bases and a good market study.

  • By utilizing the security and transparency of blockchain will get real service and work, projects that have been very good ideas and very interesting.
    Hopefully the team will be able to work together in a solid and solid manner for the success of this 1x2 project.

  • Hi Dev, tell me whether there will be a bounty company or Airdrops for your 1x2 coin  project to popularize and advertise your 1x2. How now can i get free 1x2 coins and what should I do for this.

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