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  •  this coin as a very good future as there are many advantages for investors , it as fast transaction , it as high security , good payment option and more . And even this is a POS MN coin so people can stake and hold coins . this as a very good volume so people will hold there coins long , as this coin is also good for long term investment .

  • Dear 1X2 Masternode holders, coin owners, supporters and visitors, we are near 120 days since genesis and start of our 1X2 coin!

    At the time I am writing this ann, as per MNO, there are 121 Masternode coins from 474 active, which have total daily volume trade of above 1000 USD. From those 121 Masternode coins only 5 (five) have more than 75% coins locked from whole current supply, which is key feature for stability in all aspects. One of those 5 is our 1X2 coin, so me and whole my team thank you for that!

    We knew the value of our project since beginning and now its time that we connect our coins in one of most complex and perspective product in market.

    As per roadmap and as most of you hear from us in chat or other way, all the time in behind we were developing our own sportsbook, where users will be able to bet using 1X2 coin. Why this is different from any other currently available sportsbook accepting crypto - well here are some major points:

    - This will be FIRST AND ONLY high end online sportsbook that is around a crypto coin which are not BTC,BCH,LTC,ETH and other top10

    - We will accept ONLY 1X2 coin as deposit and withdraw and that will never change! Months after launch we will allow incoming users additionally to convert their BTC into 1X2 inside our sportsbook,but that's next stage.

    - With our included affiliate program inside sportsbook paying 20% of all deposits to referrals, and with our banners and articles future campaigns for which we are prepared in following months to spend more than 60% of earnings, we can assure you that demand for 1X2 coin along with price will rise significantly.

    - To ensure to be attractive even for non crypto world players and to maybe try to convert them from FIAT sportsbooks to our field we have prepared ENORMOUS surprise to all of them and current crypto players - we will have at least 30% if not more games each day to offer, from all sports! And that's the major key feature to be attractive in sportsbook world.

    List of SPORTS we will cover AT START:

    Soccer (🚩210+ Countries , 1200+ Leagues)
    Basketball (80+ Countries, 200+ Leagues)
    Tennis (ATP,WTA,ITF and many more)
    Ice Hockey
    American Football
    Table Tennis
    Rugby Union
    Rugby League
    Australian Rules
    Gaelic Sports
    Beach Volleyball
    Water Polo

    (there are approximately 195 countries in the world but fun fact is that more than 210 countries play soccer - one of example to explain this is UK - you have 4 National teams there - UK,Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland)

    There will be at start LIVE BETTING, along with conventional upcoming events betting.

    Deposits are instant (no confirmations needed) but withdraws will be possible only when coins mature as per our wallet(s). Fast deposits will assure high rollers to stay along and don't lose time waiting for confirmations.

    Design is responsive and cross browser optimized ,so after deposit from wallet or exchange users will be able to play from mobile and tablet.

    There will be minimal login/registration requirements and that for users protection - only some email and 12 characters password so that users can keep their accounts safe
    (which is big plus for FIAT players which are required to do full KYC for larger withdraws on FIAT sportsbooks)

    We have our license in PANAMA and we are fully legal covered

    Until we add direct BTC deposit and convert to 1X2, the sportbook will not be geographically limited - everyone in the world can play

    There will be 24/7 support for any sportsbook related questions

    This is more than enough info for now, in 72h we will publish here our sportsbook website link and there will be 1st form there to apply as tester - we will give each of approved testers some coins to test all the features and pass us remarks and possible errors in 2 week period. Testers will keep all their winnings.

    So if we are not abducted from aliens or some major earthquake destroys our data centers in Switzerland, I expect launch of our sportsbook during March 2019.

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