[ANN] [1X2 coin★ X11/pos ★ Masternodes] Crypto sportsbooks payment site

  • 1x2 is the top selection in my masternode selection.most mn coins are not survive in crypto world but 1x2 something different when compare to other mn coins.decent rewards,low pre-mine,active community,great volume build in short period of time as my perception this quality is enough to select the best masternode coin.have a great future good luck team

  • it's great if a team project is active in the community so we don't hesitate to invest here, hopefully this will be a long-term project for all of us and not burdened with prices on the market.,,the most of seeing great sports betting project I think 1X2 will be top most betting coin. 

  • @bornjoss Good point, usually i do the same conclusion. 

  • When I learned about 1X2 coin immediately decided that this is what I need because I'm a semi-professional poker player, and having studied more details and deeper, I realized that was not mistaken with a choice, now I'm a customer and I recommend to everyone as well

  • In being part of 1x2 It is great to see how each we update with the goals and they go forward every day more and completing in new challenges to comply with the proposed roadmap; I really appreciate that they are serious people and show us that, they are really developing what they tell us with total transparency is admirable! thank you .

  • 1x2 is a very interesting project in the MNs and benefits that they give to the users is very hopeful..we can trust this in a continuous way and they keep the community very active with the rewards they give daily, A many people are supporting the project.
    I really like the effort the 1x2 put into developing the project every day and making investors and the community more interested Happy to be in this project and part of earning profit  

  • The great project of 1x2, the truth, in a short time fabulous things were achieved, and even the road is long, the community also grows day by day and offers support and confidence. It is worth congratulating the work team that strives to keep everything running

  • 1x2 is a great investment personally I participate in one of the masternodes and it is a very efficient network, it has a very good profit performance.

  • Does owning a masternode on 1x2 will have the possibilities that they masternode setting will be easy? I've got interested in that cause it seems to be able to give us a good payback 

  • 1X2 coin will give you info about sports betting that is predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome and soon you can use this coin for payments in sports betting. next coming to security there has always been a high level of secrecy surrounding the betting industry. The blockchain technology that underlies cryptocurrency gives complete anonymity making it difficult for others to trace payments online.

  • 1x2 coin project is one of the best Maternode based crypto project, i invest so far with very active developments. nice marketing with solid & reliable team management.
    1x2 is the very evolution of the masternodes, a great revolution, which will undoubtedly bring great improvements in these services.

  • the reward scheme is created ideally thats very useful for the users .. and the coin growing by the hard-work of team ... the roadmap shows that how fantastic is this ... there is no any issues about the team response and about the rewards , everything ... totally this is very good project for the investors ..i hope everyone stay here long...!! good luck team ...

    post for between blocks

  • really interesting project...i would like to know can i use this coin to betting in casino???

  • I participated in 1x2 coin.the project seems very convincing and potentially good. very nice project , i am very proud to say that i am one of the part of this team. and the feature development of this coin Thank you for this opportunity. Finally I have found solid project , I am impressed about the development of the coin, i am Waiting for the features developments of the coin pretty, we all are happy staking and enjoying the rewards by this project.

  • I am happy to share that the 1X2 coin gives super opportunity for small investors


  • If we invest here, can earn much money than expend. It is the good idea to earn more money and to secure the future or the life of your family. I have no doubt when investing here on 1X2 because I know that more money can I earn than I expend in investing.

  • In future crypto will more and more legalization all over the world. I think the project will find its niche and we will have success. 
    and 1x2  is growing everywhere because of it's  future ideas , 
    every users became to know this project will grow by it's ideal concept ...!!

  • happy to announce the 1x2 coin is listed on delta app

  • i have won many bets in sports betting by following tips from this project.
    i really like 1X2 coin because i have got good profit from betting.

  • In 1X2 Everything is clear for a person to understand what they invest into. This project is running In sports betting I would like to participate in it, as I really believe it will be profitable and very popular.

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