[ANN] [1X2 coin★ X11/pos ★ Masternodes] Crypto sportsbooks payment site

  • 1x2 coin as more advantages then other coins and opens the lower cost for bets.
    by useing this coin in betting exchanges on the blockchain cut out the middleman altogether.
    Instead of gambling with a centralized sportsbook which ‘makes’ the bet,
    you can bet directly,head to head with a corresponding punter on the other side of the deal.

  • Everything is done online and it's wallet is also encrypted to ensure the safety of each transaction. With 1x2coin gambling, you can earn more money .You can purchase mostly anything, send money peer-to-peer,.

  • 1X2 coin is a fully decentralized ecosystem getting in various exchanges with this project to provide a fully transparent, 
    fair and challenging in sports betting by seeing people a passion about for gambling and betting sites.
    everyone can may bet in sports betting by using this coins.  

  • After so much consideration, i just went ahead to buy MN of this 1X2 coin. and i spoke with Developer and the team members on Discord server. it show me that they have good EXPERIENCE and will be able to perform.Yet again do my own research. 

    I have discussed with few other people who bought MN in presale and asked there reviews.They do agree its a good team and they intend to grow that would give more hopes.

  • There are lots of MN sports betting coins but this coin is totally different than others as it as great volume in the exchanges more over this coin predicts the winning team and give hints to the people,  this helps people to opt the team for the betting. And the prediction luckily gone true.  I saw some luck in this coin so this is the best master node i have come  across

  • mature planning and development, very essential for future investments, will make facilities and savings well.
    congratulations to all team developers.
    Looking forward for the gambling platform and also the trading platform. i think its a great oportunity to invest.

  • now lot of projects have been came in the betting field 1x2 is also one of that it is a peer to peer cryptocurrency.1x2 is modified version of the betting technology faster transcation and good staking rewards and it is achieving consequence through online transcations. 

  • Constant growth and the innovation of our systems is a crucial objective for our strategy.
    Therefore, 1X2 is a self-funded system that has its own dedicated masternodes, used as budget to maintains and improve the project.
    Based on this model we have developed financial structure that would generate income for 1X2 Coin owners while utilizing 1X2 Coin itself for security of the blockchain.


  • Attractive ROI showing in the stats, I hope soon many new investors will start MN, so it will walk through good stable ROI marks to holds back the market value.  a good one. Hopefully, we will get a better exchange from the team.

  • Nowadays we are seeing that online sports betting and gaming has grown significantly and in countries where it is legal, are billion dollar businesses. The problem is that no one knows how fair these platforms are. We all assume there is a house advantage….Yes of course they have. So 1X2 coin good and user friendly crypto for betting purpose and it has very high security, low fees for transaction and one more important thing is 1X2 is POS coin so we can stake and get reward coins also….. 1x2 is fair platform for users.

  • smart betting are the primary feature of 1x2 coin.betting and are basically self-executing programs through online 1x2 is becoming a very popular betting site all over the world.and a huge mass of peoplegoing through online transcation people started participating in 1x2 site and playing the gaming market is constantly growing and in demand by people. i think that this project will be successful  all over the world. 

  • The project will suit both serious investors and beginners. ROI rewards are decent and will control inflation.
    The coin specifications seem fairly well planned.it can help a lot of people in todays economy
    we admit more advantages of this project than we’ve noticed before. Developers really worked hard to make it.
    Theoretically, the implementation of this project can set us to absolutely another level of cryptocurrency usage in the world of gambling.

  • 1x2 coin is the good project, right from the starting of the coin it is getting developed each and every day.
    It is having the good features which is decentralized online blockchain based on sports betting platform,which is convincing and potentially good.
    Proud to be a part of this.

  • This project can helps for beginners also by giving good POS rewards and ROI rewards are decent and good for investors. The coin specifications seem fairly well planned project in crypto. it will help people for today's economy conditions. we can see more advantages of this project. Developers really working hard to make it soon as payment in sports betting and hope it will achieve soon. Theoretically, the implementation of this project can set us to absolutely another level of cryptocurrency world. 

  • 1x2 coin is the next-Gen digital payment system. 1x2 coin is digital cash that uses peer to peer technology to settle all its transactions on a consortium blockchain network.

    A hybrid blockchain technology that values privacy, efficiency and security due to the asset protection the block provides for its user, popularised by the initiative of its community.

    1x2 community, everyone can buy, sell, make payment, and engaged in betting with 1x2 blockchain wallet and build wealth for there comfort.

    We are committed to increasing the accessibility and growth of 1x2.

  • The reason why i chose crypto when gambling is because it is more accessible and i am much enjoying playing sports and with my knowledge i can easily earn money through betting now i have enough coins from staking so i can easily earn money

  • many investors realize that 1x2 is one of the best betting site in the gambling field.and 1x2 is giving a major advantage to the investors with good rewards. it also describes the fixed percentage of money and it takes from its players.

  • Blockchain technology not only give 1x2 the possibility of implement the payments and bets in cryptocurrencies, it makes the platform of 1x2 coin safer with a huge security and easier to use.

  • ok..there are already so many crytocurrencies used in the gaming industry.. I think 1x2 coin is just a same too.. why would users prefer 1x2 ?

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