[ANN][SIERRA]ūüĆěSIERRACOIN - SOLAR POWER MINING [Available on exchanges!]



    Sierracoin is the first foundation to develop mining using solar energy. 
    You can pay for mining other crypto currency using electricity and at the same time convert the amount of energy spent into Sierra. Now the cost of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies using the PoW algorithm is determined by the price of electricity spent for extraction of one unit + an added market value. We are going to include our own mining algorithm within the next 1 year, at 200,000 block a hardfork network will be run with the inclusion of solar mining. The first customers will be able to rent solar batteries from our company, you can receive crypto currency at your wallet, we will also develop a personal web wallet, with the possibility of PoS mining and the accumulation of sierracoin.

    Why do not we turn on PoW now? - it will not be included at all. Instead, its own solar energy algorithm will be included. We are going to act as a bridge between electricity and leading crypto-currencies in order to be necessary, we consider it inappropriate to include PoW and allow people to obtain crypto-currency and accumulate using solar energy and PoS mining. It is also planned to introduce masternode into solar panels, now your solar battery can act as a node of the network with a dedicated IP address. 

    For further development, 500,000 Sierracoin has been allocated and raised funds from investors to support the development of the algorithm 
    Foundation Sierracoin was founded to create impossible at first glance things, and we are not going to stop in their development not for a minute. As the project progresses, the technical aspects of the deployment of test production algorithms will be presented, information on the generation of blocks using an algorithm will be disclosed, and a technical and public whitepaper will be written.

    1/11/2018 Sierracoin Foundation published WhitePaper v. 1.0 RoadMap v. 2.0  


    VaultMex https://vaultmex.com/trade/SIERRA/BTC

    GRAVIEX https://graviex.net/markets/sierrabtc

    CryptoBridge soon
    Cryptopia soon


    CoinGecko https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/sierracoin
    Coinlib https://coinlib.io/coin/SIERRA/Sierracoin
    Available on Blockfolio https://blockfolio.com


    MNTrend.com https://mntrend.com/currencies/SIERRA

    MNO soon

    Masternodes Live soon


    LATEST UPDATE: 24/10/2018

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