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  • WEBSITE http://www.zula.tech/

    DISCORD https://discord.gg/NE5MNbC

    TWITTER  https://twitter.com/zula_coin/

    ZULA - first masternode coin with crowdfunding platform 

    Zula is the world's first Masternode coin used to support a crowdfunding platform. Zula is fully decentralized cryptocurrency that enables instant and secure transactions. Our goal is to make crowdfunding easy for anyone anywhere in the world to bring their legal projects to life.
    Zula is a POW minable Masternode cryptocurrency based on the Tribus algorithm to provide consistent, reliable proof of work.

    Block reward: 5 Zula (from block 2 to 10000 block reward 1 Zula)
    Algorithm - tribus
    Block time - 60 sec
    Type - POW
    Coin name - Zula
    Coin abbreviation - ZULA
    Address letter - Z
    RPC port - 12880
    P2P port - 12500
    Masternode requires 2500 Zula
    Masternode reward: 60%
    Masternode payment enforcement: 15th April 2018
    Block rewards decrease 10% every half year 
    Total Supply:12 000 000
    Premine 400k - it will be used for promotions, airdrop, exchanges and the crowdfunding platform

    MASTERNODESWhat are Masternodes you ask? Masternodes are computers that are rewarded with block rewards for validating and serving the blokchain. In simpler terms, a masternode is a server that operates on a decentralized network. Masternodes also provide services, such as facilitating instant transactions, privacy, and governance tasks.
    To setup your Masternode you need 2500 Zula collateral and it has to run 24 hours a day with no more than 1 one hour of connection loss. But the best part is that masternodes get paid 60% of the block reward on every block. That represents massive potential, depending on the type of cryptocurrency you're mining. 

    While investment in masternodes is large in comparison to other mining tools, the investment offers a handsome pay off through block rewards. 
    CROWDFUNDINGZula supports crowdfunding by building a platform that makes it easy to raise funds for new and groundbreaking projects. Crowdfunding has revolutionized the way that creative startups raise seed funding, and some projects have been successful in raising hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars from donors. The beauty of crowdfunding is that anyone, no matter how much or how little they have, can donate to your project. This make crowdfunding platforms like Zula a powerful way to secure funding. 

    Whether you are a fresh new startup or an establish business or an entrepreneur looking to raise startup capital, Zula is the perfect way to advertise your project to thousands of eager donors. 

    What is Crowdfunding & How Does It Work?

    For the past ten years, Crowdfunding has become extremely popular. From non-profits to entrepreneurs, crowdfunding is transforming the way businesses and organizations are funded. 
    As a practice, crowdfunding allows individuals or small businesses to raise small amounts of investment income from a larger group of people. Rather than using one or two investors, this process takes from greater numbers of investors. 

    Typically, individuals receive special perks or 'rewards' in return for a monetary donation. It is an alternative finance option, and cryptocurrencies are changing this process even more by offering donors an opportunity to receive cryptocurrency 'coins' in return for conventional currency investment. 
    Why Use Crowdfunding to Fund Your Business?

    -Reduced Risk-No Investors to Pay Back  

    Traditional investment is high-risk for both the investor and the business owner. Crowdfunding reduces risks by requiring a minimum investment. For entrepreneurs, this provides fast investment without the risk of debt. Instead of swapping out x percentage of your business, you simply have to exchange a reward for a monetary investment. Investors too benefit since they aren't tied to the business venture through costly monetary investments. 

    -More Efficient 

    Crowdfunding also takes far less time to gain funding. Some campaigns are funded in as little as a few hours without all the red tape and hassle of going the traditional investment route. More efficiency means more time spent growing your business and harnessing your creative ideas.

    -Aids in Building A Following 

    Crowdfunding is also an excellent branding tool. Because of the audience they have, crowdfunding platforms give you greater exposure than traditional investing. You can share your social media links, business plans, and more with your audience and attract attention to your ideas. This, in turn, increases investors creating a powerful cycle for investment. 

    -Helps with Market Research 

    One of the greatest advantages of crowdfunding is market research. Before producing your product or launching your business, you need to conduct market research to see if your idea or product will make it. Crowdfunding lets you test the waters for interest in your ideas and gives you trackable data to work with. You can then tweak your business plan without any unnecessary risks to you or your business. 

       Asic Resistant
    Zula coin uses Tribus as the mining and spork algorithm. Tribus is completely secure and  will protect GPU miners against ASIC mining hardware.

       NiceHash resistant 
    For Zula, we chose the POW, because it is resistant to NiceHash and not supported by ASICs. 

       Anti Instamine 
    For a fair and transparent distribution of initial awards, we start everyone off slowly.  To prevent issues with Instamine at the launch of Zula, coin miners will receive just 1 Zula for every block. After the block reaches 10,000, miners will receive 5 Zula coins as their reward.

              Transactions are secured by every person who runs the wallet, runs a master node or owns mining- hash power. We believe that the security of our blockchain is of paramount importance. We verify it to ensure your transactions are in good hands.

    With PrivateSend you can be sure that your transaction history and balances are always private. No third-party interference and your information is never sold. You can trust our platform to keep your private information private. 

    Get your transactions confirmed instantly with InstaSend payments. No need to wait to have your transactions confirmed. Simply mine and receive confirmations. No hassle, no long wait times. At Zula, we understand how important instant payments are, which is why confirming them is our number one priority. 

    We use anObfuscation Mixing Mechanism that makes each transaction fully anonymous. Key to all blockchain and cryptocurrency tools, anonymity is critical to keeping our miners at their best. You can use Zula without wondering if your identity is compromised.  

    Zula is a community based, decentralized cryptocurrency designed for everyone. No matter who you are, where you came from or why you want to use Zula, we welcome you with open arms. When you join Zula, you're joining more than just a cryptocurrency site, you're joining a community.

       Open source 
    Zula is an open source platform. We believe in the power of using open source technology to make it easier on startups to achieve their funding goals. Through this process, we help serve a larger community succeed.
    Angry pool: https://angrypool.com
    Gos.cx mining pool: www.gos.cx/
    PROTOPOOL: https://protopool.net
    GPU-POOL.COM: https://gpu-pool.com
    LycheeBit: https://www.lycheebit.com
    Asiapool.trade: asiapool.trade]https://asiapool.trade]asiapool.trade
    Easymine: https://pool.easymine.rocks/site/mining


    Q2 2018 
    -   Website
    -   Airdrops and bounty campaigns 
    -   Windows wallet 
    -   Introduction of crowdfunding platform 
    -   List on Exchanges
    -   Mac Wallet 

    Q3 2018 
    -   Beta test of the crowdfunding platform 
    -       Open for crowdfunding requests 
    -       Web wallet 

    Q4 2018 

    -   Release of crowdfunding platform 
    -       Bigger exchanges
    -   Team expansion 


    WEBSITE http://www.zula.tech/

    DISCORD https://discord.gg/NE5MNbC

    TWITTER  https://twitter.com/zula_coin/




    Windows Wallethttps://github.com/zuladev/zulacoin/releases



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