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    EcoPay Coin is a crypto-currency based on highly efficient proof-of-stake consensus algorithm that solves many existing blockchain problems such as sustainability, scalability and energy efficiency.

    The latest study suggests that the entire Bitcoin network consumption can reach to 7.67 gigawatts in  by the end of the 2018 year.
    This energy consumption is large enough to power a country the size of Austria.

    EcoPay Platform aims to eliminate number of critical issues that proof-of work based blockchains facing now in a term of sustainability and environmental issues.

    Why EcoPay platform?

    As blockchain technology continues to evolve, achieving decentralized distributed consensus in an immutable way will remain a primary goal of new projects. These projects seek to effectively establish a record that is agreed upon by everyone. Third generation blockchain networks like EcoPay are employing Proof-of-Stake, an environmentally-conscious alternative to the Proof-of-Work methodology, both as a means of reducing the computing power required to effectively mine a block and as an answer to the security problems posed by Proof-of-Work. 

    Coming soon

    Download The Latest EcoPay Windows Wallet 64 (64-bit)

    Download The Latest EcoPay Windows Wallet 32 (64-bit)

    Download The Latest EcoPay Ubuntu 14.04 Daemon

    Mobile Wallets:
    Android - Coming soon
    iOS - Coming soon



    🏆 ECP Discord Invite Bounty 🏆 

    Rules for ECP Discord invite campaign.

    Counting invites will count by #invite bot. Spamming invites to other discord servers, which don’t applicable to cryptocurrency are forbidden. Inviting users from one region are not allowed. Duration of invite campaign are 2 weeks from announcement day.

    🏆 Rewards: 🏆
    1st place : 0.5 ETH worth 100$+
    2nd place : 0.4 ETH worth 80$+
    3rd place : 0.3 ETH worth 70$+
    4th place : 0.2 ETH worth 60$+
    5th place : 0.1 ETH worth 50$+

    Contest goes until October 1, 2018

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    🏆 ECP Twitter bounty campaign. 🏆

       1.    Follow our twitter: https://twitter.com/EcoPayCoin2
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    Don’t delete your tweet in 48 hours or you will be banned.
    Users with fake accounts (fake followers) can’t get their rewards.  Duration of twitter campaign is 1 week from announcement day. We will announce twitter bounty campaigns every 1-2 weeks for ECP users. 
    With filling the form, you accepting terms & rules of twitter bounty campaign.

    🏆 Rewards:
    1000- 2999 = 2 ECP
    3000- 4999 = 3 ECP
    5000- 6999 = 4 ECP
    7000+ followers = 5 ECP

    🏆 ECP Media Bounty campaign 🏆

    Fill this form before write an article: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeaGAd1hecXiIM--iGF8B_5mL6j6McwAoAgurSYj7ur8-TqBA/viewform
    1.    Media campaign participants should write an article about EcoPay coin on next Platforms:
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    •    Or another known platform.
    Participants can use only and only links from official EcoPay website or EcoPay discord link channel and should use at least 2 images in their articles.
    2.    Post your article in #media-bounty-campaigns channel in discord or write about it to @Taavi Mets.
    3.    Participant who has more views or clicks on platform where he posted an article will receive reward.
    Media campaign duration are 2 weeks from announcement day.
    Reward: 15 ECP

    Ecologically sustainable future of the digital economy.