• Beware of Savenode its a scam coin, they have developed a so called App preview for an investment app to catch the eye of ppl but have no app updates, the dev is not active keeps telling ppl he is travelling because he has a full time job so obviously no concentration on the project, secondly even if they do make the investment app it will only work in US, and lately SEC has been banning most of the crypto investment apps we already have a few examples, third they do not have any budget left so they will definetly not be listed on a prominent exchange because the dev team keeps asking ppl for more donations

  • @dkaimkhani Here is the savenode mod dodging my questions when i asked him if they have any more budget left for new listings and he fails to answer that question

  • @dkaimkhani they do not attend any conferences they have no partnerships, everytime you ask them any questions a bunch of ppl start attacking you and threaten you to ban you from their discord, also no KYD because the dont have any money, how do they plan on launching such a complicated investment app with no money and they claim they are releasing the fully functional investment app in Q1 2019 which obviously sounds too good to be true

  • @dkaimkhani dont fall for the fake buy orders on cryptobridge for savenode, most of the orders are created by the dev team they bring the price up and them dump their holdings, alot of ppl have lost a whole bunch of money in this coin, when you question the mod for the devs they always have some lame excuses, mostly the main guy “the boss” as he likes to call himself is busy with his full time job second dev is away with his girlfriend and the third dev is busy with another project called vollix

  • First of all thank's for the warning! Second, are You sure about the things what You are saying here? I mean are You sure this is scam or You just think it is?

  • I have been having my doubts for a while now. Today the team convinced me.

    They just kicked me out of their discord channel for telling them the way they handle this has scam written all over it. I did not say it was a scam. I said the way they handle it leads people to believe it's a scam.

    The is no longer any doubt in my mind that this project is either a deliberate scam or the team has just given up and is no longer able to deliver on the project.

    I'm definitely leaning towards the scam option.

  • @sacrib first of all what they have done is made some app previews of the front end of the app to make it seem like this is a legit project which any one can make with a little bit of know how ofcomputers and thats wht was mainly used the catch the eye of investors and the fact that there is no communication abt the app development and when you ask them abt it on discord they are resisting in providing any progress reports saying that because the development has to do with coding they feel the investors are too dumb to understand it so they they think every asking for progress reports should just shut up and wait till the final app is fully completed and delivered, the fact that they dont have any budget left for development specially for an investment app which i am sure everyone will agree would be very complex and costly to make requires alot of money but they are pretty much dodging all the questions and the mods on discord have been tasked to bully anyone who raises or asks questions about these things with the help of some of their shillers and then ban them, all of these things combined leads me to believe this is a scam coin a ponzy scheme and i am sure many ppl who have lost tons of money with save node will tell u abt it

  • @finkelflossberg sorry to hear abt ur loss i hope u can recover all of that uve lost and gain much more, since now u know what to look for in projects before investing

  • @dkaimkhani Savenode is partnered with Logis, LightPayCoin, CardBuyers, and CryptoFlow (easily found within the discord).  

    What conferences would you expect the Savenode team to attend?  They're in the business of building an investment app, not disrupt an industry or optimize a supply chain.  And assuming the Savenode team has no money is a stretch, asking for donations is not a rarity in crypto.  

    All of this seems like conjecture based on emotions about a bad investment decision, which happens more often than not, but doesn't necessarily mean the investment itself is a scam.  Any number of factors can lead to a drop in price, you really think team would shoot themselves in the foot by dumping and bringing on a hellstorm of FUD?  If this was all true the discord would have been taken down and the team would be AWOL, which hasn't occurred.  All that's happened is you fine investors have left the community which is a net positive in my opinion.  

    Take the L and move on folks.  Savenode will still be here regardless. 👋

  • Another shiller of SaveNode sent by the team

  • @crazymonkey just answer one question what was the last progress report on the so called investment app which even if it did exist it would have to go through SEC, did ur "boss" ever speak to you guys abt that?

  • @dkaimkhani @Sacrib @FinkelFlossberg @crazymonkey  i also lost almost $3000 in this scam coin from the fake buy and sell orders from the team itself , this was my worst investment decision save node is a total fraud, @dkaimkhani please ask the team to answer why crex24 disabled SNO wallet on their exchange and what exactly were they investigating

  • @crypto786 i cant speak on everyone's behalf if uve been a victim as well this forum is open for you to say whatever or reach out to the team but i doubt they will answer ur questions since they block anyone that asks them abt their shady business on discord 

  • @dkaimkhani sent by the team?  No, just came here to state my opinion, which is that Savenode is not a scam based on the evidence you provided.  Open forum as you said.  

  • you just seem like a frustrated wanker that bought in high and just want listings listings listings and listing. Its about delivering a product that will be used. Stop wanking, dude. Get a life. 

  • @crazymonkey you are right. They have little budget but have some exchange listings now. He is just wanking to get more listing and very frustrated. I can understand why he is blocked cause he only keeps shouting on discord. That proof shows nothing, only that he is angry. 

  • administrators

    I kind of aggree that so far I have not seen any proof of scam. Slow development is not a scam. I'll leave this thread open a couple of days but if nothing new shows up I will close it.

  • @crypto786  You did not lose your money because of this "scam coin".. You lost your money because of your poor trading skills. I made 1.2 BTC profit in 4 weeks with this coin because I bought and sold @ the right time. 
    Why do people think they can make a profit in this market without propper education on how to trade?  You also had to follow a course for your current full-time job I asume? 

    Furthermore, we must also remember that the complete Bitcoin / Altcoin market has decreased by 70 - 95%. So why do you expect a coin like SNO to stick to its all-time high?

    I have personally seen the necessary ICT projects in my companies and they always last much longer than expected. And then you have to make a choice as a team, spend hours every day writing updates for the community, or focusing on the progress of your project.

    I also think, just as @doge mentioned .. you got frustraded due to your lack of trading skills and you want to take the rest of the community with you in your loss. 

  • @kelnel never once have i complained abt the price, i have stated many other issues like the dev team not willing to provide progress report on the app development, the fact that they have not answered my question and even if they do deliver the app which is not gonna happen but lets say they do one of the question i raised was how do they plan on getting SEC approval for the investment app but the devs have failed to answer most of my wuestions snd decided to block me and bcz of that i even told the mod of savenode that i will gladly dump all my coins because of these shady things all of these things combined leads me to believe that this is a scam coin

  • @dkaimkhani ahhhh, you got a hunch and think its fake. The way i ready your text you seem pretty annoying for shouting all kinds of stuff.