[ANN]BITCOIN ADULT(BTAD) - [MN/POS] Blockchain solution for Adult Entertainment

  •   [b][color=red] [color=black]BITCOIN [color=red]ADULT[/color] (BTAD)[/color] - Global blockchain solution for Adult Entertainment powered by MN/POS technology… [/color]  

    [b] [color=black]  Bitcoin Adult is fast, secure and private technically advanced Proof of Stake community cryptocurrency focused to become an ultimate payment solution for adult entertainment industry. Dramatically faster, cheaper, and more scalable than Bitcoin in its current form, Bitcoin Adult is designed to provide a scalable and sustainable alternative to Bitcoin. Using proof of stake with masternodes to secure the network, instead of proof of work we solve problems like high network fees, slow transaction times and massive energy consumption. Visible and traceable transactions leaves users vulnerable as anyone has the ability to see all associated transactions and balances. To solve this problem, we implemented zerocoin protocol which enables each transaction to be private.  [/color]

      [color=black] The most important phase of our project is Bitcoin Adult adoption as tiping and payment solution for webcam performers. Beside girls, transgender performers will also be in our focus since they are very popular on live Webcam sites. Unlike some other sites, beside our .... [/color] [color=red] FIND OUT MORE ON OUR DISCORD OR WEBSITE! [/color]  

     [color=black]Bitcoin[/color] [color=red]Adult[/color]  is the only one coin focused on  Adult Industry  that is already in use and accepted on various adult shops and webcam sites. When we talk about adult webcams there are only few big players in this field and partnerships with them are huge steps since they control 80% of adult webcam entertainment industry. One of them is  BongaCams & BongaModels .  Bonga Network  contain  500+  sites where  10,000+ webcam models  (girls, couples, transgenders, etc.) are everyday online.  On all those sites you can now use [color=black]Bitcoin[/color] [color=red]Adult[/color] as payment and tipping method.

      You heard right, [color=red]BTAD[/color] coin can now be used as payment method on 500+ sites where hundreds of thousands of dollars circulate every day. [color=black]Bitcoin[/color] [color=red]Adult[/color] also own Whitelabel site in this network and @everyone can see it and use it on link http://www.bitcoin-cams.net/.  [/b]

    [b]All income from this site will for now be used for marketing purpose so feel free to promote it and use your [color=red] BTAD [/color] for tipping 10,000+ girls, boys, couples, transgenders.  Few more examples of sites  where  [color=red]BTAD[/color]  coin, thanks to this partnership, can now be used for tipping and private shows are:  bitcoin-cams.net, pornototale.club, britishbabeslive.com, bongacams.com, smotri.com, porndig.club, livepornbabes.com, ruscams.com, livefun.tv, pornes.club, hot-live-sex-shows.com, jinglecams.com, pornchat18.online, goxxxcams.com, flirt888.com, freevideochat69.com, cam.bet, livesexchat18.com, goxxxcams.com, porn-sex-free.com, frompo.com, maturecam.live, chat.xuk.net, netki.org, fapchat.club, livesex18.net, sexy-girls-live.net, fapcam.club, sex-cam-show.com, freeadultcamsonline.com, tukif.club, ylovecams.com, yourporncams.com, freeadultcamsonline.com, bitcoincams.xxx , and 500+ other webcam sites. If you are unfamiliar with webcam industry just visit Wikipedia  (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BongaCams)  to see how  big is this network  and how many  Awards & Nominations  they have in this field.

    We are still at the beginning of our project but as you can see in such a short time we achieved  big partnerships  and implemented  [color=black]Bitcoin[/color] [color=red]Adult[/color]  as payment method on sites and network where hundreds of thousands of dollars circulate every day. We also started to work on marketing, one example of sponsored review and listing can be seen at  www.cryptoshib.com . Advertising in crypto is extremely expensive and @everyone can help us to raise more funds by promoting webcam sites from which we get up to 40% of all income made on the sites:  http://www.bitcoin-cams.net/ & https://www.live-cams.xxx/   and in that way also participate in raising awareness for  [color=black]Bitcoin[/color] [color=red]Adult[/color] .   More good news coming soon!

      [color=red]  [color=black]BITCOIN[/color] ADULT [color=black](BTAD)[/color] ROADMAP  [/color]  

      [color=red]  [color=black]BITCOIN [color=red]ADULT[/color] (BTAD)[/color] - SPECIFICATION  [/color]  

       [color=black]Coin Name[/color] [color=red]-   Bitcoin Adult  [/color]

    [color=black]Coin Ticker[/color] [color=red]-   BTAD  [/color]

    [color=black]Type[/color] [color=red]-   Masternode (MN)/Proof of Stake (PoS)  [/color]

    [color=black]Masternoode Collateral[/color] [color=red]-   5000 BTAD  [/color]

    [color=black]Block time[/color] [color=red]-   60 Seconds  [/color]

    [color=black]Staking Maturity[/color] [color=red]-   4 Hours  [/color]

    [color=black]Total Supply[/color] [color=red]-   210 000 000  [/color]


       [b] https://discord.gg/rc7fDJB    

        [color=black]BITCOIN [color=red]ADULT[/color] (BTAD)[/color] [color=red] - WEBSITE[/color]    


        [color=black]BITCOIN[/color] [color=red]ADULT[/color] [color=black](BTAD)[/color] [color=red] - COINMARKETCAP[/color]    


        [color=black]BITCOIN [color=red]ADULT[/color] (BTAD)[/color] [color=red] - MASTERNODES RANKING[/color]  [/b]  

       [b] https://masternodes.online/cur...    


        [color=black]BITCOIN [color=red]ADULT[/color] (BTAD)[/color] [color=red] - EXCHANGE[/color]   [/b] 

      [b]  https://graviex.net/markets/bt...    


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        [color=black]BITCOIN [color=red]ADULT[/color] (BTAD)[/color] [color=red] - WALLET DOWNLOAD[/color]    




        [b][color=black]BITCOIN [color=red]ADULT[/color] (BTAD)[/color] [color=red] - SHARED MASTERNODE & NODE BUILDER[/color]    

       [b] https://www.mintnodes.com/coin...    


       [color=black]BITCOIN [color=red]ADULT[/color] (BTAD)[/color] [color=red] - OTHER BTAD LISTINGS[/color]  

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