Most advanced crypto browser extension just released. Halo Platform's (all-in-one) is now easier to use.

  • Halo Platform just release the most advanced crypto browser extension in the entire industry.

    The Featherlite wallet is now available as a Google Chrome browser extension. All features between the Featherlite wallet and extension are the exact same.

    Users will be able to manage their HALO masternodes, view HALO transactions through a block explorer, send/receive HALO, and use HaloDEX (decentralized exchange). HaloDEX released last week (10/18/2018) has the ability to add any coin or token to trade regardless of its network type.

    Future DAPPs to be added are a portfolio management system, crypto games, and a market place. All feature will be available in one location. No need to use separate application to run the extension or the Featherlite wallet.

    Previews are available in the below Chrome store link:

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