• Valinor is part of the Cryptopia universe. 
    This is a game with a strategic user-friendly interface,
    with 100% confirmation in its own blockchain
    Valinor via POS and Masternode mining.
    In Game
    Earn resources — ValinorCoin. 
    Build, copy, trade. From a simple blade (picks), to powerful Boers. 
    Complex percentage (The more resources, the more ValinorCoin you get).
    In Blockchain
    From the simple possession of coins on the purse — getting awards through the POS before raising the Masternode 
    (Possibility of obtaining up to 90% reward).

    ValinorCoin Specification

    Coin name                                         ValinorCoin

    Ticker                                                 VPC

    Algorithm                                          (POW/POS) Quark

    Block reward                                      60-30-15 VPC

    Masternode Collateral                        50000 VPC

    Masternode reward                            50-90%

    Staking (POS) reward                        50-10%

    Block Time                                          60 seconds

    Total supply                                        650 000 000 VPC

    Phase     Blocks from-to     Reward for(1 bl)     Masternode reward %    Staking reward %    MN reward coin(1 bl)
    _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________

    1                          1-100 000                             60                             50                                    50                                        30

    2                          100 001-200 000                  60                             60                                   40                                         36

    3                          200 001-300 000                  60                             70                                   30                                         42

    4                          300 001-400 000                  60                             80                                   20                                         48

    5                          400 001-500 000                  60                             90                                   10                                         54

    6                          500 001-1000 000                30                             90                                   10                                         27

    7                          1 000 001->                          15                             90                                   10                                         13.5

    _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________

    _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    I  N  F  O

    _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    Valinor Coin

  • @ Валинор-монета

    Что такое ValinorCoin?
    Валинор является частью вселенной Криптопии. Это стратегическая игра с удобным интерфейсом, с 100% -ным подтверждением в собственной блочной цепочке через POS и Masternode.
    Новая криптовалюта, предназначенная для упрощения взаимодействия пользователей и получения прибыли.
    Инновационная монета покоряет мир. 
    Используя ValinorCoin, мы хотим создать всемирную дистрибуцию и принятие нашей криптовалюты, которая позволит людям во всем мире использовать новую систему

    Какие преимущества я могу получить от ValinorCoin?
    Времена высоких заработка из-за благоприятных обменных курсов и недорогой добычи в системе Биткойн уже прошли, и эта часть отрасли полностью захвачена огромными компаниями и корпорациями.
    Однако у вас есть отличная возможность принять участие в ValinorCoin и работать с криптовалютой с самого начала ее возникновения.
    Извлечение из «железа» умирает. Вместо децентрализации происходит централизация. Сосредоточьте всех жертв в одной руке.
    Богатые стали богаче, бедные стали беднее. Уже более 50% мощности сети биткойнов сосредоточено в одних руках (битмаин и т. Д.).
    Мы предлагаем эволюцию добычи: 100% -ная децентрализация через POS и Masternode, выраженная через игровую платформу.
    Как я могу купить монету ValinorCoin?
    Благодаря полностью автоматизированному производственному процессу ValinorCoin дает каждому человеку возможность получить токены через участие в AirDrop. 
    Вы также можете выполнять простые задачи и получать бесплатные ValinorCoins, а затем отправлять свои монеты независимо от ваших технических знаний 
    с помощью простой кнопки.

  • @valinor-coin

    What is ValinorCoin?
    Valinor is part of the Cryptopia universe. This is a strategic game with а user-friendly interface, with a 100% confirmation in own blockchain through POS and Masternode.
    The new crypto currency designed to simplify user interaction and profit.
    An innovative coin conquers the world. 
    Using ValinorCoin, we want to create a worldwide distribution and acceptance of our cryptocurrency, which will allow people around the world to take advantage of the new system

    What benefits can I derive from ValinorCoin?
    Times of high earnings due to favorable exchange rates and low-cost mining in the Bitcoin system has already passed, and this part of the industry is completely captured by huge companies and corporations.
    However, you have a great opportunity to participate in ValinorCoin and to work with the cryptocurrency from the very beginning of its origin.
    Extraction from "iron" is dying. Instead of decentralization, centralization takes place. Concentrate all the prey in one hand.
    Rich become richer, the poor become poorer. Already more than 50% of bitcoin network power is concentrated in the same hands (bitmain, etc.).
    We propose the evolution of prey: 100% decentralization through POS and Masternode, expressed through the gaming platform.
    How can I buy a ValinorCoin coin?
    Thanks to a fully automated manufacturing process, ValinorCoin gives every person the opportunity to get tokens through participating in AirDrop. 
    You can also perform simple tasks and receive free ValinorCoins, and then send your coins regardless of your technical knowledge, 
    with a simple button.

  • @valinor-coin

    I hasten to announce great news! in the first half of November, valinor will launch the game. The economic game Valinor will allow users of the coin, not having servers to simultaneously make a profit from the nodes. According to the Valinor team, part of the coins will be allocated for entertainment and bonuses for the first players!
    To register in the game you will need the address obtained from the official wallet

  • @valinor-coin 

    now the valinor coin on Blockfolio

  • Valinor Play Coin

    I follow the project! i like what you do! waiting for the game interface Valinor

  • valinor coin is now masternode online

  • @genesis

    Valinor light. 
    This is a light game, part  of future main game. It would be with a 100% confirmation on blockchain. In this game you can earn real coins VPC. It's a simple strategy game.
    Main purpose - to help the brave Johnny.

  • @valinor-coin

    Valinor game is an economic simulator in which you can easily earn VPC.
    The game Light Valinor is needed to get a reward, you only need to purchase the suitable mines, periodically collecting income with them, and calmly bring VPC to your address, and of course, don’t forget about improvement, because it will increase your daily income!

  • @valinor-coin

    Valinor game gives you the opportunity to earn in your favorite game with minimal investments, gradually developing mines, collecting bonuses and naturally inviting friends and acquaintances for whom you will receive rewards (namely, 7% for the account for purchases and 7% for the account for withdrawal for each partner replenishment). You can also replenish the balance of the game at the number convenient for you and buy even more mines, which in turn will significantly increase income.

  • @valinor-coin

    The main difference from similar games is that all actions within the game are 100% confirmed and recorded on the main blockchain of Valinor, which eliminates errors, double spending and ensures safety of investments. And also, subject to an increase in the value of VPC on the stock exchanges, your income will increase accordingly.

  • @valinor-coin

    Do not forget that all the coins that your mines bring are automatically divided into two accounts: an account for withdrawal and an account for purchases exactly in half (50/50), which means that your income will grow every day by improving and buying new ones mines. Our service is extremely easy to use, and we are confident that you will easily deal with it. In cases if you have any questions or misunderstandings - please contact the support service, it will help you as soon as possible.

  • Valinor Play Coin


    Hello ! First of all, I would like to wish success to your project! There is a question of timing) when is it planned to start the game? and what game it will be? ekonomic game or strategic? and I still care about the fact that there are a lot of games on the Internet than your game will be different from others? Thank !

  • Valinor Play Coin

    This post is deleted!

  • Valinor Play Coin

    @said2018 said:most interesting schedule? when can we play already?

    Hello ! First of all, I would like to wish success to your project! There is a question of timing) when is it planned to start the game? and what game it will be? ekonomic game or strategic? and I still care about the fact that there are a lot of games on the Internet than your game will be different from others? Thank !


  • Valinor light will be released in November of this year! Currently hosted tests. After the release of the browser version, the application will be shared on the mobile device. The main difference between game valinor is that the whole game process is recorded in a chain of blocks. economic game - now with this game, any user can participate in the valinor network share

  • This post is deleted!

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