Valinor Game

  • Valinor light. 

    This is a light game, part  of future main game. It would be with a 100% confirmation on blockchain. In this game you can earn real coins VPC. It's a simple strategy game.
    Main purpose - to help the brave Johnny.

  • @valinor-coin

    Valinor game is an economic simulator in which you can easily earn VPC.
    The game Light Valinor is needed to get a reward, you only need to purchase the suitable mines, periodically collecting income with them, and calmly bring VPC to your address, and of course, don’t forget about improvement, because it will increase your daily income!
    Valinor game gives you the opportunity to earn in your favorite game with minimal investments, gradually developing mines, collecting bonuses and naturally inviting friends and acquaintances for whom you will receive rewards (namely, 7% for the account for purchases and 7% for the account for withdrawal for each partner replenishment). You can also replenish the balance of the game at the number convenient for you and buy even more mines, which in turn will significantly increase income.
    The main difference from similar games is that all actions within the game are 100% confirmed and recorded on the main blockchain of Valinor, which eliminates errors, double spending and ensures safety of investments. And also, subject to an increase in the value of VPC on the stock exchanges, your income will increase accordingly.
    Do not forget that all the coins that your mines bring are automatically divided into two accounts: an account for withdrawal and an account for purchases exactly in half (50/50), which means that your income will grow every day by improving and buying new ones mines. Our service is extremely easy to use, and we are confident that you will easily deal with it. In cases if you have any questions or misunderstandings - please contact the support service, it will help you as soon as possible.

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