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    How are you guys doing? It seems the masternode market is not doing too bad past couple of weeks... At least we are not dropping 50% per week anymore. Looks like we are stabilizing?

  • Hello everyone!

    First of all for the moderators, delete my topic if it's a duplication, or irrelevant!

    I just want to ask You guys here, what Do You think about the current market situations, recently there is a lot of news, articles about the actual movements on the market.

    Do You think the "end" is really coming, or it is just a significant move on the market?

    Thank's for all of Your thoughts, and have a nice evening!

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    I personaly do not think the end is coming. Crypto has evolved so much from what it was a few years ago. There is a core of people that will never leave crypto. It's still a great solution for all the unbanked, for example.
    So hang tight, and good luck waving through these difficult times!

  • @kelnel I have the same point as You, but how i'm, let's say new in the world of cryptos, trying to get more and more thoughts about the current situation, and also the cryptos overall.

  • @kelnel well said, like it or not the phenomenon started by the cypherpunk movement can not be stopped, it is not known who and how much he will earn, but the sector from the point of view of technological innovation and mental and cultural innovation can not be stopped , is a further piece that is added to the Internet revolution

  • Hello there is might this coin on Windows.The wallet is synchronized but the coins are not displayed on the balance how to fix it. There are coins in the blockchain.Can anyone lay out the correct chain or a link to a working wallet

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    Hey @duxa11, if you are looking for a specific wallet, your best move is to talk to the team of the coin. Try their website, or their discord or telegram.

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    @Breeze not sure what is up with cruxcoin. Havnt been following closely. However, we have tons of MNs that have dropped a lot past few months... Cruxcoin definitly not the only one. Confidence have left the market. It'll come back (i think:-) )

  • As well as the crypto world after 10 years from Bitcoin whitepaper, more so the more specific sector of the masternodes after about 4 years from Darkcoin/Dash withepaper I think is still in its infancy, I do not want to entice anyone, everyone must do their own research, their own evaluations and their own well thought out choices, without being influenced, but for how much I strive I can not be pessimistic because I see projects that seriously work head-on and push and go on and have much to say and much more to do, these projects will try with all their strength to move forward in any market conditions because they have a real project, not merely aimed at the ROI of the masternodes and have the approach to grow the sector in a healthy and robust.

    If you want an example of such projects it is sufficient to look at DASH that just as Bitcoin has not finished its development yet and still has a long way to grow (as a software product and as an adoption, just look at the example of Venezuela) and CROWN, a younger project (but not too younger) that differs significantly from the DASH approach and aims at blockchain as a service with a very committed team and with very complex ideas. Well known projects with large volumes, important exchanges, even if with very different market value and that do not need publicity, then I quote them on purpose so that my speech is not misunderstood.

    Unfortunately, the masternodes sector, due to the issue of "passive income" (which then has very little passive in my opinion ... requires a constant effort to manage the nodes and even a minimum of skills to be acquired) is particularly subject to hype and volatility extreme, but it is still an immature sector and at the beginning, over time I believe that if the valid proposals based on a project and not on the ROI that they can guarantee will be well developed and carried forward, the sector will also benefit in terms of image and even who has not had the good fortune to be a pioneer of DASH will have some chance to obtain satisfactory results with serious projects that today do not have the value of DASH but have much room for future growth, if we believe that this technology we call blockchain and this particular niche of the masternodes will have a future (I think so!), so it is necessary to study and follow the sector well to understand what are the valid projects that can guarantee a future both to the individual investor and to the whole sector in general.

    IMHO 😉

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