SmartFox POSSIBLE scam not looking good

  • Hi,

    I would like to warn the community of a POSSIBLE scam. I have no concrete proof as yet. But the Dev's sold a large part of the pre-mine. They did state they had sold some in discord but the figures quoted don't match the amount sold, why the lies? A lot of discord users are been banned for asking questions that the SmartFox team don't like. They have no real evidence of real Dev's that we can research and the rest of the team hide their identities also. It does not look good. Before you start claiming I am doing this as I lost money, I did not. I was lucky enough to get early when the rewards were good and I have made money. I also have been involved in crypto since 2010 (silk road days) I was lucky enough to buy BTC without really understanding crypto at the time. Thus I do not need to worry about $. The mobile app was delayed (due 12th Oct) claiming it was outsourced and they were let down (I thought that was the devs job to do that, not to get others to do it for them ). I have worked on many projects that have had delays but there is more & more signs that do not look good.  It looks like a simple PIVX clone. I am a QA for a software company and work with Dev's. It looks highly likely that in December that official release will either be delayed or not released at all. My masternode is still up & running but I do not know for how long for. There is NO evidence what so ever for any real work been done by the development team. The SF team have now used a "profit-package" to try and keep investors from selling off by getting them to lock in their coins till the 24th of Dec. This IN MY OPINION is either the rough time they will exit close up shop or the team is struggling financially. I suspect that this could be a delay to sell of what is left of the premine. But it could be also a way to try stop people fear dumping and try to give the project capital to continue. I hope it is the latter but my gut says WARNING. There is many bitcoin talk members feeling the same way. The web hosting is done though a provider that is well know for not giving out details and used by many other scammers ! Who ever made this site does want the average Joe been able to track the website owners details.

    The smartfox devs wallet address FmtPPEKLLuyv2BSUWzwGEWszYnaQpEUoCS (this was noted when it was the biggest wallet on the explorer block site) just by using the top 100 . The unusual thing is many other exit coins have sold their pre-mine in stages. But this lot sold in chunks as if they did not think investors were savvy enough to notice this. It did have around 250k coins a the time of release, it is now down to 2876.07719841 coins (at the time of writing EST 5pm Nov 8th).  Their website stated they will use 1000 master nodes. I pointed out to them the available coins was <1,000,000 and MN require 1000 thus not enough supply. Funny enough this was rectified in 24 hours. May have been a geunie mistake.

    I could be wrong and the project seems to have a real world use (if it actually has/is been developed) You will need to DYOR and MUYM. But dont say I never said nothing.

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