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  • Hello, community, we have a great update going on.

    What for is new blockchain? Why swap? Second presale? 
    There is a vulnerability in our las blockchain, bug-user was selling coins, bringing down the rate.
    Address of wallet of graviex exchange
    We decided to relaunch blockchain with the most convenient economical system and bigger functionality.
    We have been working on the project for 4 months and consider this moment to be a good opportunity to receive finance for adding on more massive exchange.
    Our first presale was a bit less than 1 btc, the price of listing on exchanges and services that supports us is more than 1,5 BTC.
    You can analyze a graph of trades on exchange to make sure that there was nothing to catch for us.
    The biggest amount on our project was earned by blockchain dev (freelance), around 0,5 and Midas.Investement (here could be the link on a hot claim to them, but you can find it yourself, if needed). Team members (2) each made 0.1 btc in 4 months of keeping a project.
    Now there are 4 people in team: platform developer, permanent blockchain developer, team coordinator and community manager.

    After finalizing the translation and publishing topic in a main thread of forum, we will pass KYD identification.
    We relaunched Blockchain.
    We Update White Paper
    White paper RU

    YouTube promo video

    We have the most good-looking and functional wallet in the niche, you can check it yourself.
    I will be actively involved in this thread: immediately notify of our updates, support communication with every participant.
    Our betting platform is working in a testing mode, it is being tested by more than 100 participants of our community, you can do it as well.
    Platform update with implantation of our coin will happen this week.
    You can find out more about the project from white paper and images in this topic.
    Soon we will carry out a small distribution of coins for new participants of our Discord.
    Active participants of our community, especially participants of platform testing, have been receiving rewards since long time. 
    Join Discord!
    Pre-mine is 1 000 000 ESBC, around 700 000 from this amount will be swapped (exchange for old coins) to the community participants.
    50 000 coins are allocated for bounty companies and airdrop. 250 000 coins are allocated for sale masternode deposit, for saving coins of 3 types: Bronze - 5 000 ESBC, Silver 25 000 ESBC, GOLD 50 000 ESBC
    You can read more about 4th deposit level with 250 000 coins in White paper
    Our selling price 1500 satoshi for 1 ESBC or 0.000015 BTC. Also, you can procure them on exchange, links are attached lower.

    Masternode price:

    Bronze - 0.075
    Silver - 0.375
    GOLD - 0.75

    The funds received from coins selling we are planning to use for adding on CryptoBridge and MNO Banner, where is a huge audience of potential clients.
    We have really few coins for sale, 25-30% from the total release, we are betting on a long-term success.
    All the coins that were not sold will be used for accumulation by team members, counting on a big interest for the project in the future.
    This is our first and only project, that’s why we don’t look like candy and make some mistakes on our path to perfection.
    I am ready to answer all of your questions in this topic.

                                                        Explorer e-Sport Betting Coin Website e-Sport Betting Coin                                                                                     


                                                                    e-Sport Betting Coin buy trade STEXe-Sport Betting Coin buy trade Graviex

                      e-Sport Betting Coin Community

                                     e-Sport Betting Coin TwitterDiscord ESBCe-Sport Betting Coin Telegram

                            Wallets and source code

                                      e-Sport Betting Coin Windows wallet whitee-Sport Betting Coin GitHub ESBC2e-Sport Betting Coin Linux GUI

                                    support services

                           e-Sport Betting Coin MNOe-Sport Betting Coin mint nodescoingecko e-Sport Betting Coin

                   delta e-Sport Betting CoinATHDA e-Sport Betting Coine-Sport Betting Coin cryptoshibe-Sport Betting Coin nodecheck

  • Choclolate wallet Diesign

    e-Sport Betting Coin Chocolate wallet

    click to download

  • and white

  • ]Hello, community! Masternode rewards will increase through 40 blocks.
    Approximately ROI 

    Please read White Paper

    Available in English and Russian languages.
    Owners Platinum Masternode in the future will receive dividends from the benefit Betting Platform.
    Update Platform in 1-2 days. 
    You do not need to buy a lot of coins, just stay with us and follow the project and you will benefit

  • How earn ESBC:

    Twitter bounty! https://twitter.com/ESBCrypto
    Discord invite Bounty stable rewards!
    Discord avatar Bounty stable rewards!
    Discord airdrop and games!
    Design bounty!

  • We continue to promote our project. I will be grateful for your advice!

  • Hello, community!
    We have a platform update and a new domain! https://esbc.pro/
    Rewards program for platform members will be updated.
    I will create video manual about bet platform: 
    deposit, withdraws, bets, referral program.
    We added Discord login.
    I suggest you test the platform yourself and get 10 esbc on your account.
    Airdrop continue 2 days.
    This is a beta platform and we continue to develop it.

  • First rewardswas send to wallet beta platform
    Thank you for participating
    If you send to platform from DIscord wallet  
    add 0.1 to your number, this is the bot Commission
    Betting platform now works only with integers and you will get 1 coin less.

  • Our community has more than 2000 members. Active product testing more than 150 members and project promotion by community members, join us!

  • Stex open withdraws and deposits.
    I wish you successful trading.

  • price is recovering and growing

  • to the moon 😍

  • If you see error on your vps from esbc wallet just update now

    bash esbc-update.sh

  • Some users have an issue with network synchronization
    I create fix guide for windows.
    fix for linux simple
    check your blocks

    esbcoin-cli getinfo

    use it if you not keep your coin in vps

    esbcoin-cli stop
    rm -rf .esbcoin
    esbcoind -daemon

    after it you can check again 

  • Update and new marketing company gave success to our project and interest of many participants.
    We did not even notice how in a few days we received more than 500 new users on the server.
    The price on the exchange made a good increase from the bottom point. There have been sold no very much coins due to an error in the network. ESBC is now looking for its real price.
    We want to see the price of 1500 sat. This will be enough to add to the new exchange and further growth.
    Please learn our project and give your personal independent assessment. Do not make decisions based on other people's recommendations.

  • You can help project.
    Just applaud this post, I'm sure people need to know about our project and how strong our community is https://medium.com/@esportbettingcoin/e-sport-betting-coin-crypto-revolution-in-e-sport-dbe4f3176198

  • Sign up and get rewarded 10 ESBC
    Soon we will announce betting bounty.
    Participants with a large number of bets will receive rewards!

  • Referall program

  • Great article from a member of our community.
    I recommend to read.
    Thanks @musicayfarandula#7359 

  • Thanks to participants #🌌discord-avatar We need to check out more members with expired links.
    Open channel for registration new participants in 5 hours.
    Rules update:
    1. pay-out 10 ESBC every day
    2. If you wrote all expired links and we con't check activity, you will excluded and not get rewards before new registration

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