[ANN][New Blockchain][PoS/MN]⚡️e-Sport Betting Coin⚡️Exchange⚡️MNO⚡️Multilevel collateral⚡️

  • ESBC Community 3500 participants. You will receive rewards for leveling up until 3500 ESBC does not run out.

  • Our community is getting bigger and bigger.
    Each participant has the opportunity to get his piece total supply ESBC)
    Do not miss this opportunity.
    Block rewards and ROI was increases. You can check it in your wallet! 

  • Oh nice great to know they launching a masternode hope i get a masternode.. But i if i dont.. Its ok.. Thanks to all esbc fam great to be here..

  • Update Platform 26.11.2018
    A small design change and the addition ESBC logo.
    Added sorting by different events for bets (only CS: GO is available at the moment)
    Added icons for various events.
    Update on the Deposit page, you can copy ESBC address for Deposit with one click.

  • Update Platform 27.11.2018
    1. Removed from matches the ID of the event.
    2. Removed system Gems, all Gems were swapped ESBC 1 to 1.
    3. Changed rate rewards for referral program: 2% ESBC from bets your referring; bonus for lose bets 10% in ESBC.
    4. Steam authorization is Working.  

  • Update Platform 30.11.2018

    1. Added Teams.
    2. Added games.
    3. Redesigned match creation    3.1. Possibility create teams and event participants.
    4. Updated command images.
    5. Finally removed Gems system.

  • This is not mandatory release.

    • integrated dark theme, switch in options
    • more statistic (pos, nodes)
    • slight changes in main code

  • UFC events were added on https://esbc.pro/
    We will organize the survey about your like and will add the events you want to see.

  • Platform update
    If you deposit raven or doge coins it will auto exchange to ESBC

  • Congratulations to all hockey fans.
    Added bets on NHL matches on https://esbc.pro/. Enjoy betting. 

  • new partner masternode service https://discord.gg/Uc2A8Tm
    Personal host and Shared Masternode
    Host: https://ihostmn.com/
    Share: https://ihostmn.com/sharing.php

  • Update Platform 7.12.2018

    1. Added bet cancellation, fee 20%
    2. Added "Draw" bets.
    3. Changed sorting of matches on the main page.
    4. The gain in rates now with a fractional part.
    5. Optimizations and fixes.

  • Update Platform 7.12.2018

    1. Added page "buy ESBC"
    2. Admin panel update.
    3. Cancelled bet is no longer displayed on the matches page.
    4. Small changes to the main page view for guests        1. Display of coefficients        2. The draw odds are now displayed if available
    5. Fixed referral payments
    6. Fixed filter on the main page (should not "blunt" Now")
    7. Optimized filters in matches admin panel    (The "Save and Pay" button will set the match to "Completed" if the match score is not empty!)
    8. In the admin panel added cancel bet (can be canceled without tax -_-)
    9. Fixed filter in admin panel when searching on wallet
    10. Smart protection from cheaters cash back for lose bets. 

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