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  • good news for betting and soccer funs 
    we added bets

  • https://esbc.pro support bets for StarCraft 2

  • What do you about this design for https://esbc.pro

  • Hello, community!
    Happy new year!
    I wish you a great investment next year, personal development and a lot of happiness.
    Thank you for your support, we have already gone through a lot and **I think we have achieved what we wanted, at the moment we are ahead of all our competitors.And in the new year we will prove it to everyone.
    Check out our plans for the next six months.
    1. Full website redesign  https://www.esbproject.online/
    2. Creating new topics with new design on crypto forums
    3. Full update of the structure and design of the betting platform  https://esbc.pro
    4. Automate event control for bets
    5. Adding new betting disciplines
    6. Launch Betting exchange
    7. Listing new coins of other projects for anonymous betting (no registration)
    The first will be added the coins of services partners and competitors.
    Why we add partners is understandable. Why do we add competitors?
    We hold the first place in this direction among new projects, we will give investors in other similar projects to evaluate our product and prove to them that we are the best investment.
    8. Adding the page of statistics "Masternode Statistics" and an advertisement in our community.
    9. Paid listing on esbc.pro 3 options:
    Standard - includes adding an addition to the "Masternode Statistics" page and an ad in our community.
    Advanced — Adds an addition to the Masternode Statistics page, an ad, adds a project description to the advertising page in our wallet, and a direct transition from the wallet.
    Full - all the advantages of the option "Advanced" + adding coins for bets on https://esbc.pro/

    10. Listing on a major exchange after the global trend reversal.

    This list of plans did not include many minor updates.

    You probably have already noticed that we never give unrealistic promises and fulfill them, I'm sure we will be able to implement each item and where do you think we will be?

    As for the price: the Maximum number of coins at the moment 14 000 000 ESBC
    They will be mined by the end of April, and with the price of 1000 Satoshi for 1 ESBC, we getting the capitalization will be 140 BTC, we will strive for this. Many bloated projects are of such capitalization, and even more, you ought to evaluate our future prospects!
    Happy new year! 

  • ESBC has been listed on https://nodehub.io/ platform for 90 seconds masternode deployment.

  • On our betting platform https://esbc.pro/ many users actively make to bets. Yesterday was captured new records for the summary of bets 32506 ESBC. Congratulations ESBC community!

  • Update Platform 17.01.2019

    Changes https://esbc.pro for (Admin):

    1. Changed sorting of users.
    2. Changed search by user, search by purse or username available now.
    3. Added user statistics.
    4. On one match it is possible to put a total of 5000 ESBC for each user.
    5. Changed links in the upper left corner and added instagram.

    1. Изменена сортировка пользователей.
    2. Изменен поиск по пользователям, поиск осуществляется по кошельку или имени пользователя.
    3. Добавлена статистика по пользователю.
    4. На один матч можно один пользователь суммарно может поставить 5000 ESBC.
    5. Изменены ссылки в верхнем левом углу, добавлен инстаграм.

  • Available bets on matches on https://esbc.pro 

  • you can try this version 

     - assembled on newer libs/qt
     - partially, where possible, removed strong inhibitions on large wallets (where a lot of inputs/transactions)
     - some settings have been added, for stacking and combining inputs, side menu...
     - blanks for further functionality
    a test version ) if you swear... especially please pay attention to the list of transactions, obviously noticeable glitches rather climb there

  • Actual statistics of the platform activity

  • was thinking last night about the activity in discord at the start, will soon revive it, when I promised an event and all it postponed, as I want everything nice was it to the awards for the activity on betting platform https://esbc.pro For the activity in the discord, too, will make temporary awards, replenish coins in the bot, when the turnover of bets on the platform will be more than 1 000 000 esbc, most likely these 2 events will take place approximately in one period.

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  • By popular demand, we have added all the games of the Australian tennis tournament on https://esbc.pro/Betting Enjoy)

  • Hello, Community!

    What do you think about this design?

  • Our community member zunno  has written an article about our project on Medium. Feel free to repost it elsewhere and give him 50 claps on Medium this will help the project to become more popular. The more claps an article has, the more likely it is to appear to others.


  • I present to you new partners BENODES
    Automatic service for shared masternodes Perhaps many know that I had my own service shared masternodes, I stopped developing it because market a lot of scams, which I didn't want to advertise. BENODES following same rules, they don't add dubious projects. I trust this team and so gift them his own old discord server.
    please read the rules carefully before investing

  • slowly and surely we will succeed.