[PoS/MN]⚡️ESBC⚡️Multilevel collateral⚡️Working Betting Platform

  • We solved the problem of hack **benodes**, coins and addresses was blocked
    you can the check list on https://files.esbc.pro/
    Do you like the burning of a coins?
    So 98 000 coins was burned due this hack, and total amount of burned coins more than 220 000 ESBC
    about 1,5% of current supply and 0.7%  of total supply
    this is not a fake burning as in most other projects, this is a real practice of solving complex situations and only such the burning has a place to be in real projects!
    I have sent emails to all exchanges and the deposits will be open in the coming days.
    I'm working on a plan to reimburse the victims.
    since the coins have not been sold, we will easily refund the coins, but it will take some time.