Beam: Masternode Loyalty Rewards

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    Disclaimer: I am a Beam team member. I hold GraphCoin. I directly benefit from the success of GraphCoin and Beam. 

    I want to introduce BetweenBlocks to Beam: A Masternodes Loyalty Reward Program. Beam is an investor network that has captured the attention of hundreds of masternode investors. It is exclusive, and open only to those who own a masternode. As a masternode owner of any coin*, you are entitled to register on Beam and collect weekly loyalty rewards airdrops based on your Beam score. This is something that we've been working hard on and we think has the potential to go viral in the cryptosphere. Here's a link to Beam:

    I want to break down why we are so confident in Beam one reason at a time. If you have any questions at the end, please let me know!

    Loyalty Rewards

    Who doesn't love airdrops? Some projects are built on airdrops alone. We fund our airdrops with ad sales made on Beam, distributing those profits back to the users. The idea of a crypto loyalty rewards program is unique, new, and captivating. We are, to our knowledge, the first project to do this type of thing. A loyalty rewards system for holding your crypto is the kind of idea that could go viral, and we plan on being ready to capitalize on that. 

    Investor Network

    By building up this huge network of verified masternode investors, we are going to gain huge leverage on upcoming ICOs by offering a one-stop solution for all of their advertising and community engagement needs. Our investor network is large, and has a lot of capital in their portfolio. This is the type of buying power that is incredibly appealing to projects looking to get a quick head start. 

    Value Through Content

    We plan on creating our own series of content to help new investors navigate the world of masternodes and crypto in general. We are also going to be announcing partnerships with key players in the masternode space to ensure that investors have the best tools available to make informed decisions. This process will naturally filter out scammy projects and give the masternode economy as a whole a better reputation within the community. 

    The Loyalty Factor

    We mentioned how the loyalty rewards benefit the user, but what we haven't yet established is how a project benefits from the Beam experience. We have data to prove that projects on Beam have less masternode turnover (their coins get sold less) than projects that are not, in general. Giving users a sense of loyalty and rewarding them for that loyalty is crucial. 

    We have big plans for Beam, and we would love to have everyone along for the ride! If you own a masternode, you can register at and let us know what you think of the experience! If you have any questions, just reply to this thread or message me on Discord: @itawyola#1307. 

    Thank you!

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    I actually tried out the Beam platform. It's quite slick and nice. I registered my nodes as an investor and I'm getting the weekly airdrop. Would def recommend all MN enthusiasts to check it out. They are doing good work

  • graph coin will be awarded for holding ? 
    or any other mn coin

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    @sumair7230 GRPH coins are awarded for holding other coins MNs as well as GRPH MN