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    You know, for this generation of college graduates, making the transition from school to career is more treacherous now than it was for graduates even a decade ago. This is because the size and makeup of organizations recruiting on campuses has shifted, disrupting the entire hiring process.

    In the 1980s according to research, campus recruiting was dominated by the manufacturing, retail and finance industries — and a few big recruitment corporations controlled each of those sectors. Those big employers set the recruiting calendar, and everyone else followed along. It was an easy process for graduates to understand, but that had long changed. There are more employers today, - private Businesses, Nonprofit and government agencies each of them recruiting fewer students, and at all different needs and time. How do you track that?

                                                                                  RECRUIT THROUGH BLOCKCHAIN

    Recruit (RCRT) highlights a powerful possibilities of blockchain technology. An all-in-one platform for all kinds of recruiting tasks where jobseekers using will be able to easily and efficiently access to a lot of offers. Likewise, Companies will be able to access to a lot of jobseekers all over the world.


    • Create a secure and direct link between the recruitment needs of companies and potential candidates.

    • Allow job seekers to have direct access to many offers and allow companies to benefit from a pool of competencies.

    Both job seekers and companies will use Recruit Currency (RCRT)

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    You believe in blockchain to revolutionize the Recruitment process as it is already revolutionizing other sectors! Yes, you do. Recruit project team want to give you the opportunity to invest in the RCRT Currency. Interested? Join the Pre-sale today on discord: https://discord.gg/3jWXeqw

    Simply join the discord community if you want to know more about the project, as a job seeker, employer or investor. On discord, you will meet the Development team and other early adopters and Recruit enthusiasts.

    I am excited I could introduce you to this promising project before anyone else. I will be happy to see you in the discord community. https://discord.gg/3jWXeqw

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    Github: https://github.com/rcrtonline/...
    Guides/Wiki: https://github.com/rcrtonline/...

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    Recruit Team  wants to grow! To achieve their plans in terms of expansion and reaching her targets, Recruit is hiring for the position of Marketing Manager. Find details below:

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