📢[ANN][SCH][Swap][PoS/MN]🌟 SchillingCoin 🌟 The eco-friendly cryptocurrency made in Austria.

  • SchillingCoin (SCH) is an Austrian cryptocurrency made by the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) www.schillingcoin.org.

    SchillingCoin was designed as an eco-friendly and energy saving masternode coin that supports Proof-of-Stake (POS).


    From 1925 - 1938 and 1945 - 2002 Schilling (ATS) was the official currency of Austria. In the year 2002 Schilling was replaced by the Euro (EUR). 1 Euro was 13.7603 Schilling. As a tribute to the good old and very stable Austrian Schilling we developed SchillingCoin (SCH), a community driven open source project. 


    This cryptocurrency is based on modern blockchain-technology and state-of-the-art cryptography. With the integration of the Zerocoin-Protocol, it is possible, to make 100% anonymously transactions.
    SchillingCoin had multiple ambitious goals since the beginning. SchillingCoin aims to be a Proof-of-Stake (POS) cryptocurrency that supports masternodes, Android and IOS payment-systems for dealer and customers, with the possibility to make 100% secure and anonymous transactions. 


    SchillingCoin was successfully implemented in the Coinway Payment System (CoinwayMAP & CoinwayPAY). More and more enterprises, shops, dealers, restaurants and cryptofans based in Austria are using this mobile payment solution.  


    Coin Specifications 


    Max Coin Supply


    Coin Ticker



    QUARK / ZeroCoin Protocol

    Block Time

    60 Seconds




    14.000.000 SWAP from OES to SCH

    8.000.000 marketing, community support, development & infrastructure

    Default Port


    RPC Port





    32,3 SCH

    Reward split

    80% masternodes

    20% staking

    SCH Block Explorer


    Block height



      40.000 SCH


      60.000 SCH


      80.000 SCH


      90.000 SCH


    100.000 SCH

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  • Super, Schilling is BACK! 

    After 2 months waiting completely new modern coin! Not more Mining now with Masternodes!

    I have installed now my masternode after my sucessfully change of the old oes coins!


    Now i get every hour my couns and i am so happy of that!

    Thx again!

    I hope we come next time back to crypto bridge and get also many merchsnts as Partners!

  • Users beware, this is apparently a scam. The coin is a 1:1 copy of the original SchillingCoin (OES). They had a 10% premine + no fair 1:1 distribution on the ongoing swap. 

  • @summerfun  I think you didn't read and understand the whitepaper. SchillingCoin(OES) was a simple copy of Peercoin (PoW). SchillingCoin(SCH) is a PoS Coin with Masternodes. Everyone knows that this cannot be a copy. The swap worked for me perfectly fine and there was even a 10% bonus for all SchillingCoin holders. If you check the Telegram group you will notice that the people really appreciated it, what the new team does.

  • @summerfun or better Andre Miu?😎  OES and the Blockchain was closed by the developer since 2 months!  And SCH are completely new developed and only of knowing the situation for the old oes coin owners this was a gentle ageeement to swap to the new and better coin with completely different algoritm and protocol! And i also get my old coins in new coin. So if SCH a scam or copy its ok for me😎😎😎 And it was not 10% pre mined! 8 mio was premined 14,0 mio was for swap!

  • @summerfun

    I thought OES became a scam. All pools are shutdown, so the website. Just got nervous last month. Luckily some team members decided to save old Schilling giving it new, masternode power (SCH) That's good way. Thanks for that.
    Good luck guys!

    Well i swapped my useless OES to SCH coins luckily today.

  • @summerfun How can it be scam if they don't sell anything? 😏

  • @seba By not properly doing a swap. Differentiating between wallets or persons when doing a swap says a lot about the audacity of the new team.

    This is them playing god from day 1 already. Also they've been censoring a lot in their telegram channel, so there goes the transparency too with that.

  • @mccoin Didn't know it was possible to "close" a blockchain. Do you even know how a blockchain works?

    Of course you got your coins since you are the "founder" of this new scam coin. 🙂

  • @summerfun Everyone from the old OES knows that the main developer Andrei Miu (who was paid for making a coin) stopped the mining pool for days, deleted the website and the block explorer. Many people invested their money and what this clown did, was switching off the mining pool for days just because it is funny. So why would you even bother to have the new SchillingCoin (SCH) when you keep saying that this is a scam project and a bad copy of your own coin? Your answers sound very stupid to me.


  • @xenia Take your head out of your ass and look at the big picture this is providing, if your brain is even capable of comprehending what you guys are doing here.

    I don't give a single shit about what Miu did or did not. As a matter of principle in a so-called "decentralized" project, the owners should actually not even have the possibility of deciding who gets coins and who does not. Playing god the first time might be hard, but trust me once you've crossed that border, the temptation to do it again will be too strong. What are you going to do next? Revert transactions because of personal wars? Fork because you didn't ment to send coins to someone?

    But anywsys, thank you for making a fool out of yourself publicly, by this you're showing this project can't be taken serious. 

    "When we stop playing God, God can play through us." Julia Cameron

  • @summerfun I'm not the coin dev but if you think they didn't swapped your wallet you can send them a email to do it. Maybe they overread the email. I also lost money with the old OES and I also was kicked out from the old OES Telegram group(with many other people). And of course the only admin was Andrei. And so far as I know the OES wasn't even a "decentralized" coin. Andrei Miu played god and destroyed the project by shutting the mining pool and etc down.

  • @xenia I'm not planning to swap any coins. I've been following the OES project since its begining almost and have never experienced any censorship or any of the accusations you're making. To me it seems like I'm talking to some paid actors in here therefor this convo is done for me. 

    Oh and as far as I remember the dev announced everything in advance? At least thats what I've publicly read, so once again, I don't really get your made up accusations.

  • @summerfun So if you don't want to swap any coins, why do you need to stread fud? Just to make a project down with your stupid arguments and non sence talking?

  • @xenia Not spreading any FUD. Just warning potential investors. Also none of the accusations are made-up, it seems just like you're copying my words. 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • @xenia As some users stated on the telegram channel, which were by the way in turn censored and banned from the channel - did not receive their coin in the swap process, this seem to be a very shady business decision. For me that is one big red flag.

    But nonetheless, this is not the only red flag coming from this project. Especially regarding the developers there are some rumours going around they're just in for a quick buck. 

  • This post is deleted!

  • @xenia 

    Why are you fighting so hard against the irrefutable evidence? 2 different users being banned without a warning or a reason. 

  • Ok apparently this user @xenia decieded to delete his comments. Guess you can't bear the truth? Here is an archived version of this thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20...

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