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    PaidThru Exchange is a social Exchange network built on the Ethereum blockchain. Our goal is to revolutionize the way businesses and consumers connect through social media. We want to create a reward-based ecosystem that merges the strength and social value of consumers to trusted offers from businesses. We match consumers with product and service offers from brands they are interested in, and reward them for every connection and social engagement made. This paper highlights the value we create as well as our approach.

    The PaidThru Exchange aims to provide reallife uses through the unique opportunities that are offered . Its through our desire to provide real life uses and opportunities with value, unlike anywhere else.

    $10,000,000.00 on average is spent daily on Digital marketing and 4,208,571,287 Active Online Users. Are you getting PAID Anything ? & why are 80% of all new Business Failing?


    This forms a closely interlinked system of brands, influencers, consumers and social media users in combination with the exchange of goods and services:  with everyone supporting each other, creating shared prosperity for all.

    The PaidThru Exchange is ideally for active and interested social media users, brand influencers and businesses actively seeking cost-effective, yet efficient ways to grow their brands online. We are looking to create a fair advantage for all PaidThru members irrespective of status or disposition. Users may register as Individuals, Influencers, business brands or even Internet 

    We’ve already perfected future plans to add a marketplace to the PaidThru Exchange. For now, only offers for digital services will be available on PaidThru Social, but further development will enable businesses offer deliverable products and make actual sale directly from our platform. 

    The PaidThru Exchange will provide a platform where the real world meets 
    crypto, with simple transactions and rewards in $PAID Tokens for both 
    businesses & consumers. The Exchange will create the perfect interface between centralization and decentralization

    WHAT IS Paid Token:

    The $PAID Token was created specifically for 1 project that was already in development - The PaidThru Exchange. The platform required an internal Trading unit and after much research, we decided a token created off the Ethereum blockchain was best suited for the functionality of our project. Inclusion of The $PAID Token also allowed for substantially lower Exchange & Seller Fees with the ability to offer Rewards, unique to this Token.

    To acquire $PAID Tokens, users can make exchanges using other primitive 
    Tokens such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and fiat currencies such as USD, CAD, GBP,
    EUR. We will create a simple-to-use crypto exchange section with a list of 
    $PAID Token pairings for this purpose. Interested participants can also get
    $PAID Tokens at other Exchanges where $PAID is listed. 
    Token holders who want to trade and participate in the PaidThru Exchange 
    will have to transfer their $PAID Tokens for use in the Exchange. Once 
    transferred, the Tokens will be locked and the balance used as the User’s
    real-time PaidThru Exchange balance. This means that the user is staking 
    their Tokens in a pool of other $PAID Tokens managed by PaidThru Exchange, 
    which can then be used for instant exchange activities on the platform such 
    as paying for social media engagements or peer-to-peer transfers.
    Businesses with active $PAID balances can also start connecting with 
    consumers and streaming their social media feeds instantly. Connecting at 
    least 2 networks is recommended, while additional connections will attract a 
    larger audience of possibilities.


    We aim to build an exchange with a high volume, which means that we will ideally require a larger Token supply. The more trading activities in the exchange, the more valuable the $PAID Token will become.


    Instant P2P, B2C, B2B transactions, low fees, rewards and security to keep your 
    funds safe, through cutting edge technology, using the $PAID Token. Through smart contracts, conveniently use your $PAID Tokens to represent your balance to immediately at the PaidThru Exch'nge! Stake your Token to use it in The PaidThru exchange & receive Rewards!

    Presale already started if you buy now then you ll get 30% bonus for further info join us on telegram or  discord which links below.

    Road Map:

    Bounties Campaign:

    PaidThru announces Many Social media bounties and giveaways which is fully detail in this link 


    Official Links:

    website: https://paidthru.io

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/paidthruxc...

    Telegram: https://t.me/paidthruxchange

    Discord: https://discord.gg/w2qzBFg

    Medium: https://medium.com/@paidthruex...

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Paid...

    Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index....

    WhitePaper: https://www.dropbox.com/s/41v8...

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