3DCoin 3DC Project Districts a VR-AR-3D dapps project with over 3000 masternodes enabled!

  • Hello, 3DCoin Project Districts has exceeded the threshold of 3000 masternodes enabled right these days (over 3060 today) about 8 months from the genesis block, the project is not yet in exchange but the announcement is expected for December. I wrote this article to present the project from the community point of view (I am a voluntary community manager and a big enthusiast, not a team member!). This is an unofficial post! ☺

    It is a very particular project and by number of currently enabled masternodes it is practically in the top 10 of the sector.

    Sorry for the length, but I tried to put everything I could, in any case for those who do not want to read so much there are spectacular videos in the article that deserve at least to be seen once... ☺

    Here is the article... enjoy and have fun!

    3DCoin Project Districts 3D ...a look at the future!

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    Thx for posting! Quick Q: how come there is so many nodes if the coin is not on exchange yet? Was there a preliminary PoW and/or airdrop? How did the distribution happen?

  • @kelnel

    Thank you for the space you put at everyone's disposal! ☺

    The project did a normal ICO (see Icobench link below) between November 2017 and January 2018 that sold about 47 million of 3DCoin at a rate of 40,000 3DC for 1 Bitcoin (on average the coins cost about 25 cents of dollar based on the average prices of BTC of that period) and anyone could access since the minimum purchase was 40 coins whose total cost was about 10 dollars, so a normal ICO, not an "initial sale of masternodes", the team has never sold complete masternodes. After the coinburn of the unsold 3dcoins, the expected final supply is about 85 million of 3dcoins (between sold in ICO and mined thereafter for some next years). The coins were released at the end of March after ICO's end and then the POW started and also the masternodes (masternodes started in april 2018 if I remember correctly) so apart from the sold in ICO there is a part that is mined, there was also some small promotional airdrop in more recent times but not relevant were small sums. The team's coins are also blocked for five years, in any case more details about the ICO results and the locked coins are available in the Medium link below:



    If I can I recommend you to see this video because even for those who will never be interested in the project is really a look at the future, you see something they have already ready, that is a virtual reality purchase system through its own wallet, really incredible what they are achieving! 😍😎☺

  • One thing I forgot to mention 😅 but very particular and very community oriented ☺ that they did in the first months was to allow for only several months (at least 3 or 4 months after the ICO) the "solo mining" with normal CPU, it really seemed to be back to the Bitcoin origins with 3DCoin 😍 so most of the users that followed Project Districts 3DCoin could simply install the wallet and start the mining (even with laptops! I mean it!) and then in fact many users managed to accumulate the coins for collateral simply mining with normal home computers, it was a very special and unusual experience for our times, then it ended naturally could not last forever 😢 now it is a few months that began mining with gpu nvidia rigs, so the field of "serious" miners, but what I can say is that we have managed as a community to "welcome" in the best way the professional miners to involve them in the passion for our project and make them become so they started mining not only to sell mined coins in OTC market (and later when we will go in exchange) but also to create some collaterals and stay with us in the project when the mining will end (because it is expected that it will not last long because we should migrate to a consensus managed entirely by the nodes as explained in my article and in the whitepaper). But "solo CPU mining" 💻 certainly remains an unforgettable and unusual experience in 2018 to remember... ☺

  • Now from today 3Dcoin 3DC Project Districts is live in exchange (p2pb2b exchange) and is a Premium Backer on Masternode.buzz 😍

    Tweet of Masternode Buzz

  • An excellent presentation of the project by Masternode.buzz 😎👍


  • Click here for the latest 3DC development update (official announcement) 😎

    And from now 3DC is also on Blockfolio app 📊 but you must select in the app settings the only exchange in which we are now (p2pb2b) to get the correct data tracking of the right 3DCoin 3DC!

  • A new important 3DC development update published in the past days:


  • Mandatory update and related guide (only for masternodes) published in our official forum today: