Trittium launches his trttNode service

  • trttNode service is a investment solution for everyone, allowing to invest in some of the best masternode coins from only €10 investment.

    Here you can read some articles explaining it:

    - Reasons for the projects to be listed with us in the trttNode service (For free first month)

    - Reasons to explain why the investors should invest with our trttnode service:

    - How to invest with trttNode service:

    10 days after launching we have now 16 projects listed.

    On December 13 we reduce fees for Trittium Masternodes to 4€ (5$) per node per month (Proporcional to this fees for less than a node investment)

    Actually, On December 18 these are the listed coins:

    And more to come soon.

    Latest updates on January 1:
    January 2019 fees:

    Special deals that we closed:
    GenesisX no fees for January
    Paycore no fees for January
    Quote no fees for January
    Trittium 2 Euro per node
    Giant 4 euro per node
    RupX 4 eur per node

    Coins listed on January 1:

    Coins listed at January 29:

    Tritium team just wanted to say you a big THANKS!!! In one month and half we reached much more than expected. All this couldn't happen without you, member of this growing community.
    Times are not the best for crypto-investments, we know, but you hold through the dark days and always kept the faith in us.
    Now is the time to start paying you back.
    The payment will be made in hard work, imagination and and improvements for our projects.
    trttNodes reached today:
    - 1,000 investors.
    - 2,000 investments.
    - 1,000 nodes running.

    And this video is amazing 🙂

    1,000 Nodes running!!!!