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    Today I would like to introduce us to a new crypto project with promising Usecases. It is no secret how difficult it is to find real platforms with good usecases nut when we do find, its usually too late to invest in them.


    Smelter coin is a Masternode/POS coin that allows users to stake and earn rewaards on their investment. The blockchain just launched recently and masternode rewards are literally pouring in. According to, investing now will allow you earn 100% ROI in 8 days with an estimated daily income of $112.


    Smelter Coin not only earns owners rewards, they also implement a very useful usecase guaranteed to support the viability of the token. These features are enumerated below:

    Smelter Coin Pool

    The Smelter Coin pool will be a platform that will allow the staking and hosting of masternodes of various coins on the platform. It is basically a masternode and staking platform where users can stake coins of different platforms on the Smelter coin pool platform and earn their rewards. Listing for the coins of these various platforms will be 100 SME coins, depending on the current market price.

    Smelter Coin Dex

    This will be a decentralised exchange built on the bitshares network for users to buy and sell different coins. Listing fee for this service will be 1000 SME coins, also dependent on the current market price at the time of listing.

    Coin Specs

    Coin name : Smelter Coin
    Ticker : SME
    Algorithm: (POW/POS) : X11/POS
    Block reward : 1 – 3 SME
    Masternode Collateral : 1000
    Masternode reward : 60 – 80%
    Staking (POS) reward : 20 - 40%
    Block Time : 30 seconds
    Total supply : 21.000.000 SME
    Premine : 105.000 SME (2%)

    Block Rewards

    Block Time : 30 seconds
    Block Reward : 1 - 3 SME
    Block per day : 2880 blocks
    Mature mined block : 75 Confirmation
    Stake : 20% - 40%
    Masternode : 60% - 80%

    Pre- Sale Information

    Block 5001 - 10000 ( only 7 days )
    Price 1 Masternode = 0.5 BTC
    20 MN available

    Block 10000 - 20000 ( 14 days )
    Price 1 Masternode = 1 BTC
    10 MN available

    Official Links

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    Always remember to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing in any crypto platform. Do have a wonderful day.