[ANN] Proelio PEO [MN/POS] - controlled number of masternodes. HIGH ROI ALL TIME


    Proelio Coin (PEO) is a PoS/Masternode based cryptocurrency

    Proelio means involvement in Latin

    Get involved in our project to achieve wealth

    We propose large profits by controlling and rationing units and masternodes




    Coin Name: Proelio Coin
    Ticker: PEO
    Coin Type: POS+MN
    Hashing Algo:  Quark
    Block Time: 60 Sec
    Max Supply: 100,000,000 Coin
    Min Stake Age:  1 hr
    MasterNode Collateral : 5000 Coin
    Premine: 4,000,000 PEO
    Block Reward: 10 PEO
    Masternode Reward: 9 PEO – 90%
    POS Reward: 1 PEO – 10%


    [ Website ] - https://proeliocoin.com/
    [ Explorer ] -
    [ Twitter ] - https://twitter.com/Proeliocoin

    [ Discord ] - https://discord.gg/52Hh4wX

    [ Facebook ] - https://www.facebook.com/proeliocoin/



    Required Collateral: 5000 PEO
    Block Reward: 10 PEO
    Masternode Reward: 9 PEO – 90%
    POS Reward: 1 PEO – 10%

    Max 10 masternodes per month! To maintain a steady, controlled increase in Proelio's value

    Owning and running a Proelio Masternode is a way that you can support the PEO network through mining. Masternodes are commonly Virtual Private Servers (VPS) that store a copy of the Proelio coin blockchain. They support the network’s decentralised nature and help to confirm transactions quickly As a result, masternodes receive rewards in the form of PEO for playing their part in supporting the network. The Proelio coin is a well decentralized network of Masternodes without superfluous control and intermediaries/gatekeepers with more than 80% pure Block reward phase and ensures lightning fast and secured transaction, multi-wallets, encrypted messaging, stealth address for complete anonymity, low number of confirmations, low fees and limited number of total coin supply for faster increase of value S


    [ MASTERNODES ONLINE ] - https://masternodes.online/currencies/PEO/

    [ MNTrend ] - https://mntrend.com/en/currencies/PEO


    [Ubuntu, Mac, Windows ] - https://github.com/Proeliocoin/Source-Wallet/releases


    [Crypto Bridge - soon - after 100 masternodes]
     📍Feel free to contact us through Discord or e-mail

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  • BIG NEWS! ❗   🎉
    The last weeks were full of work. We have 2 great important informations for you!

    ⭐ First of all - on February 1, 2019, we will be listed on the Coindeal stock exchange! It is a very large and respected exchange. Except Proelio and Dash, there are no other masternode currencies listed there. Daily volumes on Coindeal are several times larger than Cryptobridge or other exchanges you know. No other coin invests so much money to be on the large stock exchange from the beginning. Proelio will be exchanged for cryptoruncies and fiat currencies like the dollar, pound or Russian ruble. CoinDeal has the PayCoiner payment gateway so payments thanks to Proelio Coin will be available for online purchases.

    ⭐ Secondly - we changed our roadmap. Therefore, with the listing on Coindeal, we do not see the need to be on stock exchanges with less volume. We will analyze listing propositions for other large stock exchanges, as we will receive them.

    ⭐ Presale Phase 2 - The first stage of presale is finished, therefore the current price for 1 MN is 2.5 BTC until February 1, 2019.

    What's next?  ❓

    ✨ A global real estate website will be launched by March 15, 2019, in which all fees will be based on Proelio cryptocurrency. On the platform you will be able to sell / buy a flat / plot / house. We already have contracts for the first offers that will be posted on our website soon.  Cool

    Soon we will surprise you with some new proposals. Stay tuned!  🚀📈

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