What's your favorite Sub-$500 MN? MEGABEAR edition. (12/10/18 = $3400 BTC).

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    2018 has been a rough ride for all of crypto...  I'm personally not buying much these days but watching a number of project closely.  I plan to buy aggressively when I sense stability in BTC as I think Alts will follow.

    And when DASH is down 96% off it's high - this entire sector is clearly not thriving.  @kelnel and many others can likely remember when there were very few sub $1000 masternodes.

    Using - https://web.archive.org/web/20...  On 12/21 - MNO had 2 Sub $100 MNs and 12 Sub $1000 MNs of 58 coins listed.

    I think many coins will fade away if this market doesn't come back soon.  These are afew of the coins that I am most confident will make it through the winter that have a very low masternode acquisition cost.  NOTE: I'm not a low-cap specialist and I tend to play it pretty safe.  If buying then look at Volume closely many of these are on Bittrex.

    Sub $100 - Look for communications, dev team activity and vision!  

    $ZIXX - Team is active & building but I'd want to see more volume -  https://masternodes.online/cur...

    $CRW - Team is always active and traveling for events - https://masternodes.online/cur...

    I own several in this sub-$100 but I have not seen enough communications out of the majority of them...


    TRC is right at $100 - Few teams in Crypto are more consistent in communicating - https://masternodes.online/cur...

    SMART - has a 2 for 1 airdrop coming - Will is dump after???  Is there still room for more dump?  Team has a substantial dev fund.  https://masternodes.online/cur...

    ZEN - My largest Alt holding and I do pick some on dips - has dev fund - https://masternodes.online/cur...


    MEME - When Kekdaq?  Team is strong and has dev fund.  https://masternodes.online/cur...

    DIVI - Nick is traveling to conferences - Advisor team is very strong - If you don't mind the KYC, their internal hosting solution is SLICK!  https://masternodes.online/cur...

    DEV - Team is still hustling https://masternodes.online/cur...

  • "MEGABEAR edition" is truly a fantastic title! 😆👍

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    I really like what POLIS is doing. Priced at $570 at the moment. Got to thanks @camelia for gettting POLIS on my radar. I think it's my fav at these prices.

    For the sub $100 category, Ill add ORE to your list. I have a soft spot for Galactrum. Always liked that project and the team working on it.

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    @michele1it Thanks!  We had BearWhale a few years ago. Unsure of this Bear's official name... But since I live on Bitcoin now and this really hurts - I've been calling it "MEGA🐻BEAR"...  😃 

    @kelnel - Great additions!  

    POLIS and GMT are clearly doing well with their platforms.  

    I own ORE and still think their wallet and programming is the best of any I run - but what else do you like about them?

  • @Cryptosandwich Just researching ORE for the first time and always a good sign when it doesn't have "MASSIVE MASTERNODE REWARDS" on the homepage but as far as I can tell its basically a JAM... Do you know if they have a particularly strong community or are well funded? I'm RUPX all the way in this price range, picked up quite a few at the current price... But would like to acquire more nice little cute MNs haha

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    @thebtcprince - ORE's road map doesn't have me very impressed but their programming and wallet are highly regarded.  

    Great questions on Strong Community and Well-funded!  These are the things we should be asking ourselves before investing...  It's also why I prefer larger caps plays although they are not as fun to talk about...

    I have some RUPX masternodes.  I like governance plays, but I don't stay excited about coins that require swaps - even though theirs was pretty clean...  What do you like about RUPX?  Perhaps you could create a thread explaining "Cute MNs" too.😃 

  • @Cryptosandwich sandwich Yes funding is a big one at the moment. I think alot of coins that survive of MN rewards will go under as the bear market takes it toll. Haha I would define a "Cute MN" as sub $100 and will start a thread as this is a great way to get people into MNs and hopefully keep MN fans enthusiastic about the space. I like RUPX because not only is the team active but have their focus in the right place. Not trying to spread themselves thinly with 20 social media accounts and making pointless noise. Instead their time is spent either improving the tech, or on the ground getting people using it. Also, not only is their cause a noble one but one which I think has huge potential. 

  • Take a look at SCRIV. I'm sure - you will like it 😃

  • @lova said:


     try cryptoflow

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    @kelnel Yep Polis is still doing a great job, even in this awful market. They're still my favourite as well. 🙂  It's really sad to see them at such a low price, but hey........I think they'll survive. 

  • @Lova Just had a look at SCRIV and really like it. Had a couple of worries about funding but they had a really active community that was quick to sooth my worries... And community always wins.. @sumair7230 I had a look at cryptoflow as well but not convinced. Promise great masternode rewards, steady price and the platform is clean but will anyone use it? Why would they when you can use Bittylicious which has a proven track record, lower fees and many more options?

  • @Lova Have you checked out StackofStake? Impressive website and shows the SCRIV team is busy...