[ANN]Pegasus Coin is ready with VPS services POS/MASTERNODE / VPS


                  We have been working on this project for 3 months finally finished.

                 We made agreements with several companies in Turkey.

                 and i installed physical servers Turkey in Istanbul.

                 These vps servers certainly don't turn off and provide money guarantee in case of any power off.

                 I did all these because you can spend your Pegasus coin! Yes you read true.  

                 Out of all A guarantee policy is available for buyers from pre-sales.



    Money-Back Guarantee for Pre-Sale Investors

    Only 50 Masternode sales will be made on the Pre-Sale.

    The sale will be made in blocks of 20 persons each, and the guaranteed amount will vary based on this condition.


    For the First 20 Masternodes

    Price being 0.044 BTC, 90% of the sum will be guaranteed once 75.000 blocks are finished. (0.034 BTC)


    For the Second 20 Masternodes

    Price being 0.040 BTC, 85% of the sum will be guaranteed once 80.000 blocks are finished. (0.0017)


    Third and last 10 Masternodes

    Price being 0.038 BTC, 80% of the sum will be guaranteed once 85.000 blocks are finished. (0.0304)

    Road map; every step include a period of two months.

    Begining of warranty policy presales
    listing 2 exchance
    listing masternodes.online
    start Pegasus vps

    step 2

    listing 1 exchance
    preperation of marketing
    wage war with devaluation, influation
    supreme roi

    step 3

    mobile wallet rating
    listing 1 exchance
    getting to the shopping center and starting the sale (only pegasus coin)
    enumerated new exchange market
    the beginning of advertising policy

    step 4

    enhancement of sales of marketting
    considiration for results of commercials policy
    considiration of volume with 24 hours for enumerated new exchange market

    our reward policy

    0 - 35920            15 Peg
    35921 - end        190 Peg

    if you have any question please ask me!

  • any question? 🙂

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