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  • Hello,

    This is our platform to check coin prices and do crypto research.

    we are trying to deliver as much info as possible to our visitors including overview of coin/explaining videos, performance, technical analysis, social activity stats, we include Top Influential People In Crypto and coin team information so you can track team member projects also videos/speeches, very easy working portfolio to track investment. 

    We use own markets own algorithm to calculates prices, at this moment we include and getting info from more then 170 exchanges every minute or less. We also have API and widgets for developers.

    This is very brief explanation what it does there is much more and even more will come soon as many things is under development at this moment.

  • administrators

    Nice service! Is it free for users? Cool name as well 👍

  • @kelnel Hi thanks 🙂 yes it's Free and always will be