What's your Favorite Masternode(s) with Collateral Under $500.00?

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    I prefer masternodes with solid leadership that feature either Platform, Privacy and/or Governance.  There are absolutely deals to be had in this market and it is a much better play to get your own masternode rather than a shared masternode with strangers.

    ChainCoin CHC - Governance.  Old Chain.  Recently improved codebase. (Sub $150)

    Shekel JEW - Platform & Privacy (ZEROcoin) (Sub $200)

    Galactrum ORE - Governance - Best MN wallet I have used (Sub $400)

    DigiWage WAGE - Platform - Dev team just did a swap (I view active changes from dev teams to be a very good indicator) (Sub $400)

    I own some others coins in this category.  I am upside down on every coin here except CHC where I am up from MN bought in May 2017 (Yeah I didn't sell when it hit $6.00) and even on my 2nd one.  I have MGN because they have both Zerocoin & Governance on roadmap - roadmaps do not always come to fruition but it remains to be seen.  

    I've listed the current list on MNO from $100 to $500.   You can go to masternodes.online and click the upward facing triangle next to MN Worth.

  • Hi There, I am new to this site, and to MNs in general... Whats your thoughts on Argo? And do you have a rule for max ROI, when you are selecting a coin?


    I don't expect that much from most of them, they are mostly cheap bets. But I have some favorits I think could be very good longterm investments. Currently from these my favorits are SUCRE, DIGIWAGE and ADZ. Devs from these three coins are really doing a great job, very active and great development, they have a great vision with their coin and the whole cryptocurrency thing and their communities are also solid.

    Just my quick thoughts.

  • I know that some of these (maybe even half of them) cheap MNs I will get burned on. but thats the game currently.

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    @dennissbh said:    may God rest his/her sole that maintains the list at MNO for all of these.    At this point, perhaps it best to just to go to the top 20 coin Marketcap and work your way down the list.  Father, Son, and the Holy Spirt, Amen. 

  • Good selection. DigiWage is one of my favorite MNs.

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    @dennissbh said:

    I know that some of these (maybe even half of them) cheap MNs I will get burned on. but thats the game currently.

     This is very true! Always keep that in mind. Not all small caps will be winners. Actually, very few will be winners. So be prepared to lose out on a lot of them. But when you do get a winner, all this hard work will pay off 🙂

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    Can I ask a very basic question? When you look at a website like DigiWage and there's no information on the team anywhere, what makes you trust this project? I've always wondered this as a lot of the small cap coins have no info on teams. That seems like it would be a huge red flag for me, but I don't know, maybe I'm missing something. I remember when RaiBlocks was gaining steam, I looked them up at the time and they had no team, but then the price went from like $.17 to $15.00 and I was kicking myself. Anyways, if anyone has any thoughts on this, I'd love to hear it. Thanks. 

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    Honestly, u'r doing the right thing. Yes, less chance of skyrocketing profits (like you mentioned DigiWawe) but safer and sustainable i think.

  • @corynak I agree on that. an overview of the team on the website is always good and vise versa. I always connect with the coins discord and follow the threads, replies and announcements giving by the devs. That way I think I get a pretty good overview if I think the devs are trustworthy. But you can never be 100% sure. 

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    @corynak  Great question...  There was a very helpful website called CryptoAsian a few years back and they did Proof of Dev where coin teams would share personal info to verify who was behind projects.  BTCArchitect was well known....  But these projects still failed, etc.  The origins of crypto are linked to cypherpunks & hackers...  so to me some anonymous crypto handles carry SIGNIFICANTLY more weight than IRL birth names.  

    I very rarely invest in brand-new projects and if they don't list identify themselves with even cryptonames I will pass I'm with you that it could be a red flag for exit scam.  It's important to guage how much work has gone into coin's launch, the more work the less likes they walk away...

  • Indeed I agree with @dennissbh I always try and research a coin I'm going to buy into. Especially the ideas, the team and community. ugh, I missed on grabbing DigiWage cheap when it was Phils currency. Kicking myself for that one. But then again I used those funds to funnel into a pretty high collateral MN so it happens. DigiWage is definitely on my radar/list to get as is Rapture. For under $500 I'm really liking Cosmo and Shekel right now. Both good projects with active devs. Around $500 is also a Crown SN. Payouts/ROI is pretty low. But they're a older project with a lot of history. Their aim to make their network into a PaaS for business will easily make crown a double digit coin.

  • @cryptosandwich Cryptonames recognized from elsewhere? Could just make something up or pose as someone else unless it was able to be verified...

  • Check Innoket(Innovations Marketplace) : https://innoket.io

    Whitepaper : https://www.innoket.io/content...

    MNO : https://masternodes.online/cur...

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    @xixix13 There are many handles from Twitter, bitcointalk, etc. I recognize from over the last 5 years.  Many I have connected with one way or another, this might be because I engaged so many devs, etc from a blog I operated in 2014/2015.  So I might be atypical in this regard...

  • @dennissbh  Omega a big fail so far...   😒 my favorit is Dinero its a lil bit more than 500 bucks

  • When I bought a Qbic MN it was under $500, I'm liking it so far, especially since the price has already 2x'd.

  • i like the shekel (JEW) for a MN < $500

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    Seems Pushi is gaining attention. Pushi is very low cost. I have not looked into it, but if I wanted to test masternode technology and try it out on low budget, and wanted to learn about masternode on the cheap, I'd look into it :