What's your Favorite Masternode(s) with Collateral Under $500.00?

  • @Feedaath Yep you are right. Numbers give you a guide so here are some stats from Pushi Masternode Sharing which is a community run service not a Coin based one. Although it has the support of Pushi Dev Team. The cool part of this is with PCMS you only have a minimum 1K collateral requirement to take part, instead of the 10k for running your own MN. This is inline with one of Pushi Team objectives to help make Crypto accessible to everyone.

    See us at  https://discord.gg/MmFSwk


    Total Pushi Masternodes on Network = 58
    Fully Operational PCMS Masternodes on Network= 4
    (keep in mind these were staggered in activation so doesn't reflect a full active week for all nodes).

    Current Value BTC of MN = 0.031 Approx $296

    MNO STATS - Monthly Income = $143.1779  - 4843.8 PUSHI

    Total PCMS Rewards were 1583.010283 Pushi
    With 20 Active Share Holders
    With an average Collateral share of 2K Pushi each
    Zero Down Time
    Highest Single Share 6K Pushi
    Lowest Single Share 1k Pushi
    Transaction Errors 0
    Payment Errors 0
    Late Payments 0
    Highest Payout to Share Holder 191
    Lowest Payout 20
    Max People on 1 MN - 8 on MN1
    Min People on 1 MN - 3 on MN3

    Estimated Per Node Rewards for W/E 12th May = 1463 Pushi Estimated Total Node Reawrds MN1 -5 W/E 12th May = 7315 Pushi
    (Estimation subject to # MN's on line, current shareholders and network activity).

  • I really like Pushi due to the activeness, helpfulness of the community and the speed of the Devs. Currently they have a masternode sharing service run by the Administrators. That shows the togetherness of the community.
    I bought in when the masternode was under $5, and now look at the price!! Pure community driven coin. Imagine when they start to run their marketing budget, it will be very exciting.

  • Pushi Coin is still undervalued , i joined in when it was so cheap and and was blown away and i joined the discord to get help to setup my MN. the community within the Pushi coin is so strong and willing to help each other toward the same goal to make Pushi coin gain more awareness to the public about this amazing coin. It will be growth in valued if the community keep stay strong and all the project on the roadmap is executed in timely manner. Let's give it up for PUSHI COIN...

  • @feedaath pushi coin hands down low supply high roi 

  • @etn_hero pushi is going from strength to strength, new developments are constantly being worked on

  • Rapture has to be one of the best projects regardless of the entry price. That being said, as of today a MasterNode will be about $110 USD. Only 1000 $RAP Collateral. This project has some of the best developer involvement, and their goals are easily resonate to any human with some heart. How could there be any use case as good as giving back? 

    Discord: https://discord.gg/2nd4yx5

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/RAP_Projec...

    Website: https://our-rapture.com/

  • I just want to say one thing... after taking a carefull look in a bunch of projects I invested around 2k U$D on RAPTURE, for a single reason, it is the single coin that has a purpose... there is a chance of wide adoption when the project matures... it is clear that the globe will accept more than one crypto coin, the same way we have Visa, Mastercard and bunch of other... but we need to pay attention that all of them provides a distinct service at some point... as Rapture does!!!

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  • Las Vegas coin Masternode, Dev is really experienced and I got my masternode for under 600$ 3 months ago 426$ earned by now soon gonna be in ROI , need some work on that project but slow and steady win the race

  • RAPTURE all the way!