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  • [size=16pt][color=orange]About[/color][/size]

    Masternodes for the masses. Nodeo was created to act as a masternode utility coin. Stake it, trade it, store it, but most importantly use it to pay for your masternode hosting and real time monitoring. Nodeo is the first platform to offer masternode hosting, shared node hosting, a staking pool, and the ability to upload your own servers. The best part is your funds are always secure because your masternode collateral never leaves your wallet keeping your funds safe from any 3rd parties all for only $2.50 per month payable in NDO!

    [size=16pt][color=orange]Blockchain Specs[/color][/size]

    [b]Ticker[/b]: NDO
    [b]Consensus[/b]: Quark
    [b]Algo[/b]: Proof-Of-Stake
    [b]Max Supply[/b]: 2,100,000
    [b]Block Time[/b]: 120 Seconds
    [b]Masternode Collateral[/b]: 1,000
    [b]Block Reward[/b]: 1 NDO
    [b]Masternode Reward[/b]: 0.7 NDO
    [b]Staking Reward[/b]: 0.3 NDO

    [size=16pt][color=orange]Connect with Nodeo[/color][/size]

    [b]Github[/b]: https://github.com/project-nod...

    [b]Discord[/b]: https://discord.gg/J7Y4a5c

    [b]Twitter[/b]: https://twitter.com/nodeotech

    [b]Website[/b]: https://nodeo.tech/

    [b]Explorer [/b]: http://explorer.nodeo.tech/


    [b]Linux[/b]: https://github.com/project-nod...
    [b]Windows[/b]: https://github.com/project-nod...
    [b]Mac[/b]: Coming Soon
    [b]Android[/b]: Coming Soon


    [b]Graviex[/b]: Coming Soon
    [b]CREX24[/b]: Coming Soon
    [b]STEX[/b]: Coming Soon
    [b]CryptoBridge[/b]: Coming Soon


    [b]December 2018 
    [/b]Wallet Release
    Exchange Listings

    [b]January 2019 
    [/b]Nodeo Hosting Platform

    [b]February 2019
    [/b]Node Hosting Platform adds 3rd party blockchains

    [b]March 2019 
    [/b]Platform Marketing

    [b]April 2019
    [/b]Add Governance to the Nodeo Blockchain

    [b]May 2019 
    [/b]Add full stat and dashboard page to platform

    [b]June 2019
    [/b]Add Proof of Stake support to the Nodeo platform


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