- The world’s first pooled Masternode service with no wait time and instant liquidity

  • Hello fellow Mastenode enthusiasts,

    We are pleased to announce the official launch of Sharednodes – the first of its kind pooled Masternode service with no wait time and instant liquidity! Users will now be able to participate in protocols and networks without the full collateral needed by purchasing ‘portions’ in already running Masternodes. Any staking rewards earned will show up in User accounts instantly with the ability to withdraw to personal wallets right away. Users will also be able to sell their portions instantly at the market price and free up their initial collateral without taking down the Masternode.

    In the past, it required technical knowledge to set up a Masternode properly and ensure 100% uptime. Now, with Sharednodes, it is as simple as depositing some BTC and purchasing portions in all the nodes we have online. We currently offer Masternode services for the following coins and will be looking to add more coins over the coming weeks and months.

    Digital Price
    Monetary Unit

    Give your referral link to friends or post online in order to receive 2.5% of all the mining rewards earned by the users that sign up using your unique link.

    Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

  • administrators

    Good stuff! Makes sense to start with offering the "bigger" nodes like MUE, XZC etc. Could also add PIVX and Dash and then you'll have all the main ones! (Dash is still soooo expensive!)

    PS: Moving your thread to our Services category

  • @kelnel as You say! This is rare to have such a big coin like XZC, this is already impressive, and it's good to have the "main" coins on the list. 

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